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  • Stephen T. Higgins - A true hunter's guide to navigating these tough times in job searching!

    Finally, a book which is actually up to date with a very fast moving unemployment market. The best advice I got was from this book! Why two page resumes are history now that everyone is using ATS systems to eliminate over 80% of job applications. Instead of just action bullets start each past employment engagement by stating what critical need you were hired to solve, what approach you took and then the quantitative results, and if it goes over two pages --- no human is going to toss your resume aside because it has three or four pages....... and lots more advice like this!

  • Amazon Customer - - Like most people

    I've been using this product for about a week now, and it really seems to work! I'm not sure if it works because I'm just tired when I take it (I'm always tired when it's bedtime, but when I get into bed, I have trouble actually falling asleep), or if it really works. However, I will continue to keep using it! And I will update my post if I find it doesn't work after a while.

  • opiumkanobi - Suppresses appetite and quick noticeable results

    This product works! I have tried all the fad dietary supplements for a couple of years and they all turned out to be just that--a fad. Or else it gave me terrible headaches. Even with all the positive Amazon reviews, I skeptically ordered Garcinia Cambogia because of the value (180 capsule for under $30). At first, I regretted this purchase because it comes with a handout outlining that you should take one capsule before a meal before working up to 3 capsules/meal for the "weight-loss dosage" and I was expecting this to give me a headache. After the first day of taking the one dose/meal, my weight dropped. Seriously, no joke. I was actually eating more but the Cambogia was helping to metabolize the food faster and I was still feeling energetic, and most importantly, no headache. I spent the first week taking 1 capsule/meal and then stepped up to 2 capsules/meal the second week. Two weeks since starting Cambogia, I already lost 4 lbs without decreasing my food consumption or feeling hungry. At this point, I don't plan on doing the "weight-loss dosage" of 3 capsules/meal because I'm pleased with this gradual decline. Also, each capsule is 500mg, and I read some studies that discouraged taking more than 3000mg/day.

  • Melanie Roxanne Chu - Super Tour

    This is the first time World Cycling Productions has released the Tour in Blu-ray and the timing couldn't have been better. The intense competition has been magnificently captured with crystal clarity in high definition. If you're a cycling fan like me, you'll enjoy watching all the mountain stages in full in the 12-hour edition. My favorite stage was Number 19 - Alpe d'Heuz won by Pierre Rolland, where he rode away in the final 2 km after chasing down Alberto Contador with the help of Sammy Sanchez. No wait, maybe my favorite is Stage 17, won by Edvald Boassan Hagen after he cut through the narrow mountain roads ahead of Phillipe Gilbert, chased furiously by Contador and Sanchez trying the escape the peloton. Or maybe Stage 12 where Sammy Sanchez won on Luz Ardiden after a huge effort. The magnificent French countryside looks stunning in high definition and I love being able to spot the equipment the riders are on.

  • Just my opinion - Contains Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone

    I've been looking for a more affordable SLS free shampoo so I purchased this on a quick trip to the store. I usually read ingredients but shame on me for making a purchase without doing so. I used this and it made my hair look terrible.

  • conor spiridopoulos - Best work to date

    Gagas best album to date. So authentic and raw. Diamond Heart has a nice folk rock fringe to it. Hey Girl with Florence Welch reminds me of a popular 70s pop song. Million Reasons is raw and beautiful, one of her best. Grigio Girls is so much fun and hard to not want to listen to it all day long. Overall it's Gagas best work to date.