Couple's Names - Welcome - McLean Virginia before and after school program. Child care for children ages 5 through 12. part time and full time child care available, Part time rates also available. Credit and debit cards now accepted.

  • It's Elementary! Before & After School Program - Before & After School Program - Proving breakfast and home work help in the morning before school for children ages 5 through 12. Transportation to school is also included. After School care is also available for children age 5 through 12, with transportation and one on one homework help included. We serve the following McLean area schools: Kent Gardens, Haycock, Chesterbrook, and Franklin Sherman.
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  • It's Elementary! Before & After School Program - FAQs - Weekly rates. Daily rates. Teacher work days. Summer camp. Spring break camp. Winter break camp. Monthly tuition. Member rates. Drop in. Payments. Register.
  • It's Elementary! Before & After School Program - Tuition - A list of when tuition is due, and the dates that are covered with each tuition payment.

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