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  • DangerrD - Reception Not as Good as the OEM antenna.

    I got this antenna because the OEM antenna on my FJ Cruiser hitting all the low branches and my garage door as well as constantly getting loose.

  • Aurelio Pontarelli - Not useable

    I found this program to be very difficult to use. The documentation does not address how to begin very clearly. I was able to load a file, but I could not add a title card. When I would type any text it would superimpose the text on the first frame. None of the help screens address this problem. On their support site the questions answered seemed to be geared toward experienced users familiar with the software to some extent. This is the second program I bought from them. I did not have a good experience with their music program, but I thought it was my fault. I thought it was a compatibility problem with Windows 7. I gave them another chance, but I have not been able to use Movie Editor Pro. I will stick with Windows Live Movie Maker, which I have used several times successfully. It is much more intuitive, and for me easier to use.

  • Amazon Customer - Seriously?

    This has to be the worst movie in history! I even feel uncomfortable calling it a movie! It was so bad that I couldn't make past the funeral and I even got that far because I couldn't believe someone actually put this in production..

  • Janice Brabaw - Great Machine, Horrid Customer Service

    I love my treadmill but two months into having it, it started squeaking when I ran. Thus began the current nightmare of dealing with ProForm Customer Service. No one ever seems to answer the phone and I have been in a never-ending loop with this one woman via email where she simply will not schedule a technician to come out to service my under warranty product. It's not that they deny I need service or that it's covered... it's just like they keep putting me off. I am so fed up with them that I honestly don't know what to do at this point. Better Business Bureau? The more I say "let's schedule an appointment" the more it feels like they're stalling. I've honestly seen nothing like it.

  • captain40 - Felt Stupid

    I put this on my receding hairline religiously for 4 months. I saw a few hairs starting to sprout, but it was negligible. Maybe I'm paranoid, but it seems like once I stopped using this product my hairline got thinner. I don't blame this company though. This product is not intended for receding hair lines.