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  • Amazon Customer - card error

    I have tried three cards (32 GB class 10, class 10 and 16GB class 4) from three manufacturers in this camera, and each time, the display says "card error." Unless someone can point me in the right direction for proper cards to use, regrettably, I cannot use this camera and must leave a one-star review.

  • Johnny V - Good product

    We spray a few squirts on our daughters hair brush as we comb her hair out in the morning before school. It helps with tangles, smells good, and it seems to keep lice away too! No complaints here...

  • popman83 - The NAVÄGE Nose Cleaner System Rules

    I've been using some type of saline nasal rinse bottle system now for almost 10 years. I want to say I've been using the system 100% during all those years, but that would be a lie. Maybe 50% of the time. My 2 biggest frustrations with the bottle system are 1 ... it never fails even if I aim over the sink, I always get wet, and 2 ... I have to switch nostrils half way through the bottle/flush for each application, and I do 2 applications per day (1 in the morning when I wake up, and 1 at night before bed). So about a month ago I was looking to purchase more of the saline packets (note: even though big name pharmacies carry name brand, and store brand individual saline packets (sorry C##, W#########, and D#### #####, no free advertisement here 😆), I still find better prices online ... moving on ...) I use with the bottle, and I saw the advertisement for the NAVÄGE Nose Cleaner/Cleaning system. After looking at the reviews people posted, and watching the video on the NAVÄGE website, I thought this was DEFINITELY something for me since it solved the 2 biggest problems I have using the bottle system, it resolved the problem of getting wet by having an attached container (on the bottom) to capture all the water that is flushed through your sinus' during the rinse/flush, and second, no need to switch nostrils since you are flushing water/saline through both nostrils (in one, out the other) at the same time (by the way, the mechanism that actually goes in your nostrils is reversible, so for me, I have the morning flush push saline/water up through my left nostril, and out through my right nostril, and for my night time flush, I reverse it).

  • John Pedemonti - not a bad book

    Used this for an Intro to Info Processing class. Some exercises were repetitive and could've used a little more description. Definitely helped me through learning Office and pretty thoroughly at that. My school has Office 13 already so I didn't have to use a virtual environment, which probably helped as well. If you know basics about Office, this will enrich your knowledge and help you create documents which are necessary on school and the workforce.

  • Corrine - unmatchable for the price and quality!

    They look great. You'll look like a boss in goggles like these.They don't fog up at all.They cover more of your face than traditional goggles, thus keeping you warmer by making less of your face exposed.They're priced fairly compared to similar goggles made by smith and dragon which run $200+

  • Dave W Earle - Very happy with it

    I am rewriting my entire review of this device, because in my haste to get using it, I didn't following the recommendations during the set up; in my initial review, I had said the range was not as claimed, however, that was because I didn't accept the recommended SSID during the set up of the Almond. When going through the wizard set up, you will be asked if you want to use the "recommended" SSID, or your own SSID of your wireless network. I IMPLORE YOU: accept the recommended SSID name it gives you, which will look like this: yournetworkssid_almond. I went back through the wizard myself, accepted the recommended SSID, and then put THAT SSID in my wireless devices, and VOILA!! I now have a clear, strong signal throughout the entire house. This Almond range extender works exactly as claimed, and I would completely, and definitely recommend it, I am very happy with it.

  • Amazon Customer - The lights came without a problem. They do not ...

    The lights came without a problem. They do not have an on/off switch (very annoying). Also do not come with cables needed to daisy chain multiple lights (also annoying).