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  • Shane - Dont buy the negative hype

    I almost passed on this machine due to the "it doesnt blend smoothies just right and leaves em grainy and gritty" reviews.

  • John D. Rivera - As advertised....Awesome

    You simply screw factory Antenna off and screw this one on...that's it! I didn't think it work increase my reception but it actually did. My AM channels are clear....I was surprised. The obvious benefit to the Stubby is that it looks cool as h3ll too.!

  • Girl in the Green Scarf - Right out of the box I love the sturdy quality and easily grip-able texture of the ...

    Right out of the box I love the sturdy quality and easily grip-able texture of the surface. Below there is a picture of the flashlight in action at night and I found it to be plenty bright enough to find and remove a cap and check the pressure. I'm not sure I understand the purpose of the red led -- if that's for drivers to see you, I think they'd be much more likely to spot the flashlight led. If you direct the red light directly at someone, it's noticeable enough.

  • Laura Clough - Webroot has the #1 Antivirus product!

    I use Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus and I strongly recommend it to anyone else who wants to feel secure using the internet. I was a previous user of a free antivirus product which ended up not being secure so I switched to Webroot. When I bought a new computer it came with a McAfee product which I uninstalled immediately and installed Webroot because I know I can trust it to protect my computer. I feel confident to recommend Webroot to friends, family, and everyone else because it protects all devices anywhere. Webroot SecureAnywhere is the #1 antivirus product.