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  • Amazon Customer - Great touch interface on the navigation screen

    Was trading in a 10yo Honda Odyssey Touring for something smaller and more gas efficient. I had all but given up on getting all the amenities that I'd become used to, until I found the Subaru Outback. It has a sporty look but the interior meets my need for luxury. The eyesight feature is state of the art, and I have become quite dependent on it. Great touch interface on the navigation screen, comfortable seats and the gas mileage I needed. I can't imagine myself in anything but a subaru from now on.

  • Shusaku Endo - Troubleshooting the Zippo Hand warmer....some thoughts.

    There are lots of positive reviews and a good number of negative reviews, so thought I would add my experience - positive and negative with the product and some troubleshooting tips.

  • Joseph L. De Guise - Duplicates of some wrenches, (10MM) and shortages in others,(7/16)

    Duplicates and shortages show a lack of quality control in packaging. I noted this same complaint from another customer, who also reported it without any remedial action forthcoming.