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  • Andrew E Taylor - Nothing in / Nothing out

    Can't import from Quicken Essentials, so this product is only for those with no past data of any kind, yet the Windows version can import data. Why? Intuit seems to skip features that are in other products and also remove them over time, so you can't even depend upon things you need to stay.

  • D. Leuffen - Very informative

    Excellent reference book with very comprehensive and insightful descriptions. I like the thoroughness and honesty in the descriptions of social life, academic pressure, dorm and food quality, etc. I also like the list of other schools that are similar, which may help you identify other good potential options. The only issue I've found is that obviously all schools are not included so if you are looking for info on some less well known schools you might not find them in here.

  • T& E WELLS - My personal experience

    This product is effective, but you will get hungry. I use it as a jump start to my weight loss plan, which includes moderate exercise such as walking and a modified diet. By modified diet I mean I can still eat my regular foods, just not as much and I stop eating sweets at 4 pm and I increase my water intake to about a gallon a day. You should only drink a gallon of water a day if you are excercising. If your are not exercising stick to eight (8oz's) glasses of water per day.

  • Beth L. - Great improvements since the 2009 Street Atlas

    Still wish they would add the drag feature as map quest has to adjust your route. Otherwise great product for the price

  • MikeL - Best gutter guards every

    Best gutter guards every. Tried pretty much everything else. This is the only one that works. I could make a living installing this stuff. Get the wider option as the narrow one won't always reach under the shingles.