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  • Norma jfkrtl - We may as well have stuck to earthlings.

    I would have loved to give a better review because it started out with such an interesting premise. I didn't read any earlier book, so didn't know any back story. It just plain fell flat. The attack on-board the space ship was -- well, I don't know the adjective. Unexpected? Unexplained? Then, we may as well have stuck to earthlings.

  • William L. Adams - This is the thick 25 foot long 4k @ 60hz cable you are looking for!

    Wow, this is the first cable @ 25 feet long I have found that can actually do 4k at 60hz!!! After trying out half a dozen others all of them are labeled incorrectly.. Here you have a "generic" cable that out performs every other cable on the market... Get this one!!!! Seriously, this is the one you want..

  • k_star - .... Or nah

    First let me say this review is strictly for the French tips. The rest of their nail polish and line of gel products are on point. These are awful. I am a seasoned gel polish user. I do them at home now but used to get them done in the salon. I have come to master it flawlessly so I figured these would be a breeze!

  • Happy Customer - You'll love this one!!

    My first novel by VH Stone and surely will not be my last one. I was fantasized by the the story line. I really like how Stone took the reader "before and after" throughout the story.

  • JERRI LYNN SCOTT - Long lush lashes

    I already have long lashes but this serum is only going to help them. I think the longer and fuller your eyelashes are the prettier they are. I have only been using this for a few days but can already tell they are softer which should help them grow. After I use this for the recommended time if there is a problem with it I will come back to edit my review. Until then happy growing!!!!

  • Damien - I was sceptical that this would work. Not only does it work but I would never use anything else!

    Last summer my 65lb dog and I went (unknowingly) to stay at a place that was infested with fleas. Within 3 days, she was scratching until her skin bled, and her skin was crawling. She had a fever, as she is allergic to fleas, and she was miserable. At first, I had thought the heat bothered her so it took me a couple of days to look for fleas. She was covered in them.

  • judy - ok...not great

    It is exactly the same as the little eye packets they sell. It works for a few minutes and always leaves white matter how little you use. Not worth the money