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  • Amazon Customer - I LOVE this thing

    I LOVE this thing. My baby loves it. It does make a slight noise/squeak after awhile but the baby gets used to it and it becomes a white noise and actually helps us both sleep! I highly recommend this for all parents to try!

  • Celeste - Ok book

    The book got here in an acceptable period of time. However, I am very disappointed with the content of the book. It is all about questions and not reviews. I really didn't like it.

  • HonestOpinion - 4.5 out of 5

    I feel like there are a ton of reviews that don't include enough about the PCs people are using. I'm running this on an Asus laptop (win 8.1) with an i5 chipset, 6 gbs of RAM, and an on board video card. It runs.

  • juniorj - ... work really well but note they are really only good for 1-2 uses at most each (will rust even ...

    These work really well but note they are really only good for 1-2 uses at most each (will rust even when dried after that and are not as sharp for good use). Also, I have read others complaining about inconsistent quality--I have ordered these 3-4 times and with my last order I did have one where when I took it out and removed the plastic "top/cover", the razor came right out with it. These are cheaply priced though and that is the only time I have had that happen so far, so will continue buying unless it becomes an ongoing problem. I agree with the review that says these are a game changer! :)

  • Russ - Fits in your pocket and works well.

    As a man who grew his first full beard at 12 and has maintained one ever since, I love any and all things to care for it. So when I was offered this amazing comb for free for an honest review, you bet I jumped on it. After using this, I will NEVER go back to a plastic comb for my beard. The heft and sturdiness of this in my hand is perfect, and with the smooth sandalwood it never shreds or tears at my beard, leaving it extra fluffy, just the way the wife loves it. If you ever grow a beard and want to maintain it well, you better get this comb!

  • Amazon Customer - I did enjoy their T

    I did not realize that their marriage was often on the rocks. I did enjoy their T.V. series when I was younger.

  • Mina - It works but it could be better

    The product works and it did whitened my teeth. However, it did not make my teeth as white as I wanted them to be. They are not yellow as they were originally but they're still kinda yellow. I used the whole package/14 treatments. I began using them once a day then I started to use them twice a day. They did not make my gums sensitive but after using them twice a day, my teeth became a little bit sensitive. But that went away after a day or two max. This product did not do a bad job at whitening my teeth but it could be better. I will most likely purchase a stronger Crest whitening strip to achieve the results I want next time.