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  • rhiannon moore - Professional cleaners hate bona

    For two years I worked for a general cleaning service in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country. It was full of old homes with wonderful hardwood floors. Our way of cleaning floors was just water or sometimes adding a small amount of vinegar or hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting. When we would do our initial cleaning at a home and saw streaks all over a previously beautiful floor we would know the homeowner used bona. Bona is great if you plan on using it forever. It puts a thin film on the floor to make it appear clean but in actuality it is not. When you use a product (even plain water) on top of Bona the floors become a cloudy mess. I spent weeks at one home removing the Bona film left by the previous home owners. When customers would tell us they used Bona on the weeks their home was not cleaned by us we would tell them to pick between us using their Bona or paying extra for us to remove the film. I'm sure you guessed they stuck with Bona because they did and we would use it knowing the floors were not clean. Using Bona is the same as using pledge it may look good now but in the long run its only doing harm.


    I purchased this software when it originally came out, directly from Radium Technologies, and was told I'd get free upgrades for life. I upgraded to the LC 2005 version at no cost a few years back, and now wanted to get this version. I have tried and tried to contact their customer support via their website since March 2015 because the upgrade instructions in the knowledge base are not working for me. I have had NO response from any of the FIVE support tickets I submitted whatsoever, despite going through the ONLY options they provide to get support. It is a shame as I really liked this software and would even be willing to purchase this upgrade, despite the' free upgrade' promise I was given, but their customer service is totally non responsive so I am looking for another program where I can get support if needed even though it means having to retype the hundreds of recipes I have input into this program.

  • Cynthia Key - Great Buy

    I got this reel and I really enjoyed using it. It works great. Smooth performance and easy to control. No hesitation in the gears when the fight is on.

  • Philip - After going through one bottle with diet and exercise I did drop about 5 pounds but really just felt this is bad for my body

    Difficult to get adjusted to, first week was really anxious, couldn't relax myself, had a few moments where I was about having a panic attack, I guess that is the "extreme energy." After getting adjusted to 4 pills per day, after one week, I didn't really notice it. After going through one bottle with diet and exercise I did drop about 5 pounds but really just felt this is bad for my body. I wouldn't do it again, nor recommend it. Good ol' diet and exercise is what you need, not a bunch of chemicals to make you feel giddy.

  • Kayle Lewis - Many Uses, can't go wrong!

    I am an 18 year old female who is currently struggling with breakouts due to hormonal imbalances and I have tried many, many products to help with acne and nothing has really been too shockingly great for me. I started cleansing my face with coconut oil a couple months ago and that has helped a little, but I read about tea tree oil and it's numerous beauty and health uses so I decided to try it out. I must say, after breaking out for 2 and a half months pretty bad (or at least I feel like it was pretty bad) I started applying it and within a week or two I started to notice a difference in my skin. A noticeable difference, might I add!!! My skin isn't perfect yet, but it is getting there and I love this product. I will definitely continue to buy it.