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  • MGhostSoft - Best itching reliever!

    Although not being stated in the uses, this product can be used to relieve itching and far more effective than all itching reliever I bought from drug stores.

  • BobS - Incredible results!

    Incredible- there's no other word to describe it. I had a pair of 3"long very light, very visible scratches on Audi A6 door. First I touched it with the 3000 grit sandpaper. Then rubbed in a small dab of tube #1. For 60 sec, it looked like nothing was happening other than possibly making it worse. 15 sec later, it disappeared. I rubbed off the residue and polished with a dab from tube #2. Now I am not even sure WHERE the scratches were. And my clear coat is still perfect. Amazing! 10 stars for this stuff.

  • Tom Davis - Product would not install

    Product would not install. I kept getting an error message, I went to the help section followed the directions to the letter still would not install. We subscribe to a online service (Comodo) that cleans up your computer and helps you install programs, their technicians tried for about an hour to install this program and could not. I have been using an older version of print master for years with no problems. I sent this version of the program back for a full refund it's junk! I would not recommend this program to a friend or an enemy!

  • Dulcie Valusek - Owen finally gets a little spotlight

    I have always been a bit of a nut about history, specifically that of Britain and the monarchy. I have read various books and novels from the preludes to the War of the Roses and ending at the death of Elizabeth. Owen has been mentioned in many of these novels, as has Catherine, yet they have been almost glossed over as if they were simply minor characters who just happened to be around. This book was a surprisingly fun and informative read with a creative way of telling the story of the people who would be shaping the events that led to one of histories most altering events. The author found a great balance between fiction and still being able to educate the readers as to who Owen was and his part in the dynasty that was never expected to exist. I'll admit that I wasn't too fond of the whole Owen/Julliette love flip-flopping, but I also understand that in order to humanize a character who has seemingly been forgotten and only remembered because he somehow married the dowager queen mother, that he had to add to Owens life and show us the man behind the name. I have never read anything from this author before and am now seeking out more of his books in the hopes that it will not only lead me to more of this specific authors works, but to ones similar.