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  • When to get pregnant after a period | Pregnancy articles | Family Health center | - Couples who are trying to get pregnant need to be aware that there is only a very short window of time during each menstrual cycle in which egg and sperm can successfully come together. To be able to get pregnant, it is necessary to have intercourse in th
  • Does drinking in the first trimester create bad behavior in kids? | Pregnancy articles | Family Health center | - Everybody knows that there are some things that just do not combine with pregnancy. Among them are smoking, bungee humping (OK, kidding here, but not really!) and of course drinking alcohol. You'll find "not getting drunk", or drinking any alcohol for tha
  • Tips on how to get pregnant | Pregnancy articles | Family Health center | - If you made your way to our site, it's probably because you are currently trying to conceive or are thinking about taking the plunge soon and you want it to happen fast. Of course, there are couples who take a "see what happens" approach to trying to get
  • Getting pregnant after a miscarriage at 40 | Pregnancy articles | Family Health center | - Trying to get pregnant again after a miscarriage is scary for many women. It is common to feel conflicted about when to try again, how to grieve for your lost pregnancy, and to have fears about what led to your miscarriage I know, having had several misca
  • Pain - an ovulation symptom? | Women's Health articles | Family Health center | - Ovulation is the release of an egg from one of a woman's two ovaries. The egg that is released during ovulation remains open for fertilization for a short window of 24 hours, meaning that knowing when you ovulate is a key part of increasing your chances o
  • Conceiving more difficult for women with rheumatoid arthritis | Pregnancy articles | Family Health center | - A new study that surveyed over 60,000 women found that those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis have more difficulty in getting pregnant than those who don't have the condition. As many as a quarter of women with rheumatoid arthritis who were trying to
  • Tips for breastfeeding in public | Healthy Living articles | Well Being center | - Breastfeeding in public is a hot topic among moms and the general public alike. Have you ever seen those news stories where a mother was told that she needed to leave a public space if she wanted to nurse her baby, despite laws stating that babies have th
  • Trying to get pregnant and career changes | Healthy Living articles | Well Being center | - As much as we like to think that our personal lives do not affect our careers in this day in age, they do. Women who are pregnant, have young children, or have taken years out of the workforce to care for their kids tend to have lower pay and fewer opport
  • UK mom, 58, gives birth to IVF twins | General center | - Carole Hobson became the oldest mother of twins in the United Kingdom when she gave birth to a boy and a girl on Christmas Eve last year. Now, the prematurely born twins who were delivered by emergency cesarean section nine weeks early were finally able t
  • Permanent birth control | Pregnancy articles | Family Health center | - Permanent birth control is birth control that lasts forever. This is ideal for those people who are absolutely certain that they never want any more children, and who want to do have constant peace of mind that they will not get pregnant.The most well
  • Vasectomy side effects | Men's Health articles | Family Health center | - A vasectomy is a male surgical procedure that, if successful, permanently prevents the man from getting his partner pregnant. During the vasectomy procedure, the vas deferens the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis and outwards are cut,
  • When to get pregnant after miscarriage | Pregnancy articles | Family Health center | - Having a miscarriage is almost always a difficult and painful experience for women. And, with as many as 20 percent of all pregnancies ending in miscarriage, it is a common hurdle for couples who are hoping to have a baby. Some couples feel strongly about
  • "Stomach ache" turns out to be baby! | Pregnancy articles | Family Health center | - You must have heard about cases where women who had no idea they were pregnant suddenly gave birth. This is exactly what happened to one 35 year-old mother of two from London. Leslie Nicholl went to Homerton Hospital in the British capital when she starte
  • What causes ovarian cyst rupture? | Women's Health articles | Family Health center | - Ovarian cysts are a collection of fluid inside the ovaries, surrounded by a wall of tissue. They can hugely vary in size from a pea to an apple. Most ovarian cysts are benign, and even serve a purpose. For instance, they are found in nearly every woman wh
  • Oligospermia: male infertility and low sperm count | Men's Health articles | Family Health center | - ‚ÄčOligospermia means that a man has a low sperm count. As that description already suggests, this refers to a situation in which the man's ejaculate contains fewer sperm than normal. Fewer sperm in seminal fluid predictably results in a decrease in the o
  • Nuvaring side effects for men | Men's Health articles | Family Health center | - The Nuvaring is a hormonal contraceptive with a twist it is a plastic, flexible ring which is inserted into the vagina, where it stays for three weeks at the time. The concentration of hormones is lower than with the birth control pill, and many women rep

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