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  • Bama98 - looks good and actually dont mind the buckles which after a ...

    this is a right out of the box review before actually using it for anything. looks good and actually dont mind the buckles which after a couple of awkward tries came unhooked easily. lots of pockets and storage options, but the one major glaring issue for me is the lack of a key strap. i have an older Timbuk bag and the key strap is awesome and kept my keys inside the bag and I always knew where they were. why this was a removed feature I have no idea.

  • Sakediddy - Was miserable for 3 1/2 months with GERD

    I have been through it all...Athletic 34 year old 6'3 180...competitive cyclist/triathloner....Could not understand why all the sudden I have acid indegestion and major heartburn after drinking even water. Tried to just live with it for 2 months. Woke up every morning with this weird acidic feeling in my stomach. Ended up in the hospital, thought I was having a heart attack one night. Went to GI doctor, did endoscopy found nothing. Said probably irritable bowl syndrome. I basically got to the point of a month of eating toast, bananas, white rice, nothing but water. I am serious, I did nothing but bland stuff and it didn't matter. So, I tried Prilosec for 28 days straight, and ate about 50% of what I used to eat (tacos, spicy food, milkshake here and there, and felt a little better, probably because I was enjoying my food again... but still felt constipated. Stopped Prilosec (after 28 days) completely and did a Zantac 150 if I couldn't take the bloating/hurt feeling. Looked online for help, someone said try Zypan digestive enzymes and another said Manuka Honey. I bought them both from Amazon and decided to try the honey first to see how it did. Well, I have been taking a Table spoon on a half piece of white bread before breakfast and an hour before bed for about 5 days now and I feel 90% better. I am having more frequent movements also, so I assume that the honey is healing intestines as well as stomach lining. This past weekend, my wife and I shared a cheesesteak stromboli with marinara sauce, etc. for dinner. Before bed, I did the tablespoon of honey and was fine all night and the next morning. If you are suffering, give it a shot, I'm super glad I did. I hope to get to the point, where I just do it once in the morning. No clue how it works, or if I'm just healing slowly on my own? But, I really don't care as I feel better. Good luck, I have not even bothered to try the digestive enzymes, because this honey is doing something for me!

  • Otis Pierce - Works

    This product works well for me. I have seen good results after just one month and am looking forward to trying more.

  • Mommy - Bad velcro straps

    My son has been using these for a few weeks now and the straps will not stay on. The velcro will not keep and the shoes end up falling off.

  • Faerie at Heart - OMG!!!

    I love this stuff! I cleanse with the Lemongrass Cleanser first, then I spray 4-5 sprays onto a cottonball and swipe across my face to make sure I get any left over makeup residue off. After word I spray 3-4 sprays directly on my face and pat it in with my hands....