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  • Emily Dickinson - Soothing Relief Provided by Bio-Oil

    I bought this product to use to minimize the redness left from heart surgery chest scars. It's very soothing and relieves the mild pain and itching I've had with these scars. The scars will never disappear, but they are becoming (after about 4 months) less red and not as thick. I'm more concerned with how the scars feel than with how they look, and I haven't been disappointed in the results of using this effective and relief-providing product.

  • The Green Eagle - A great performer, WHEN IT WORKS

    Hate to only give it one star, but my unit had a defective tail switch that often would not stay on when fully depressed, even though the half-press momentary-on always worked. I see others have had the same problem with defective tail switches. I tried tightening the switch retainer ring, but no go.

  • Donald - The weather in PA has been bad so the product remained in the box until today

    Purchased the product on the 12th of February. The weather in PA has been bad so the product remained in the box until today. I removed the spreader and attached it the the back of my ATV connected the power cable, hit the power switch, and NOTHING. The spreader was dead out of the box. Called the manufacturer (Buyers) today to get the problem resolved. The lady I spoke to was nice, but informed me that in order to receive a replacement motor, I would need to visit a certified distributor 45 minutes from where I live. Called the distributor and was told I would have to package the device up and bring it in so they could determine I was not the one who broke it. Now in order to use my new spreader, I will have to uninstall, package the spreader back up, drive it to the distributor, drive home without it, wait until they get a new motor in, install the new motor, drive back up to get it, drive back home, and install it on my ATV.

  • Fabulinus - It Works

    I've been drinking Yogi teas for a couple of years now. Just happened upon it at a health food store and wanted to try it. The medicinal Yogi Tea line is fantastic. It does exactly what the box says it will do... which is strange because I have tried many medicinal teas that have not given me any type of immediate or noticable results. I can have a tummy ache, drink a 6-8 oz cup of Yogi Stomach ease and half way through the cup my stomach ache is gone. The same goes for their bedtime tea: once I drink a cup I can lay down, close my eyes and I'm out cold and in a deep/restful sleep. This stuff is way better than the supermarket celestial seasonings line. Twinnings or Traditional Medicinals don't compare either. One important thing to be aware of regarding the Yogi line: these teas are spicy and heavy. Many of them have spices like cardimom, cinnamon, black licorice root, stevia leaf... some even have black pepper listed as an ingredient... they're loaded, but oh so good!!