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  • warren carlson - Stopped my head gasket leak!

    I had a head gasket leak on my 3.0 toyota. Mostly it was dripping oil, but had some water getting into my oil as well. I put this in and slowly(over a month or so...) the truck stopped leaking oil and no more water was getting into the oil. Very happy with the product, it also helps it run smoother and reduce my valve noise, very impressed!

  • Holly Wales - Five Stars

    The flash season 3 is already amazing!!! The characters are amazing!! I can't wait to see each episode!!

  • K.A.S. - Best 2nd Pokemon Go Phone Ever! Fantastic Value! You won't be sorry!

    Perfect for Pokemon Go! I wanted a 2nd cheap phone for my 2nd Pokemon Go Account, and this fit the bill perfectly. No, it doesn't run as well as my Note 5, however I didn't expect it to run that well. It does the job I purchased it for and keeps up really better than I ever expected. I was pleasantly surprised at just how good the display is along with the responsiveness. I didn't expect a phone this nice for $60. I have not made calls, nor have I used the camera. This is literally a phone I bought for PoGo, and I had no trouble hooking it up with Straight Talk. Again, great display, solid feel and good reactivity.

  • raymond j jackson - I love it.

    I have a low 360 wave-ish (lol) style haircut. This stuff is very light yet extremely powerful when it comes to moisturizing. My hair fully soaks this stuff up from bone dry. This is by far the best product I've used. Most other stuff I've tried is using either too thick and doesn't do anything unless it's fully wet, or too light and doesn't actually absorb into my hair. All I use it a finger tip and boom my hair does exactly what I want it too.

  • M. Cork - My dog has eaten some pretty disgusting things but will not let me apply this minty gel

    In theory this sounds like a good product for easy dental care, but my dog who eats everything will not put up with the flavor. He will hide as soon as the product comes out and then jump and buck when I get him cornered. I'll give the product 2 stars since my other dog will tolerate the product.