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  • HMI|Specialists in Revenue Cycle Management & Medical Coding Services - Our consultants offer billing & coding reviews, chargemaster and other revenue improvement services so you boost profits and continue to provide great medical care.
  • HMI | Leadership | Your Trusted Partners in Health Care Revenue Improvement - "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way" John C. Maxwell; Check out our leadership team and who is at the cutting edge of what we do.
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  • HMI | Revenue Cycle Management for Medical Providers - At HMI we specialize in revenue cycle management services for a variety of providers and even offer a coding and billing helpline for all those tough questions you need answered.
  • HMI | Charge Capture Services | Get All Observation Hours Revenue Paid - Missing out on fees? Our team scours the entire medical record to get your company the total amount possible for reimbursement within guidelines. Contact us today!
  • HMI | Complete Charge Capture for Ancillary Services | Cardiac Cath at IR - Let us review your review records for interventional radiology cardiac catheterization, and/or ED and report appropriate CPT/HCPCS procedure codes and diagnosis.
  • HMI | Coding and Billing Helpline| Answering Your Coding Questions - Have a question specific to your practice? We can help! HMI has the experience and resources you need to answer all your coding and billing questions in a timely way.
  • HMI | Emergency Department Evaluation and Management Revenue - Need to implement a a facility resource-based criteria and charging tool for your ED? Let us develop one for you and keep your staff educated on current CMS compliance!
  • HMI | Ambulatory Surgery Claims Review for Your Facility - Let us review your medical record documentation against the Ambulatory Surgery claim & confirm reporting accuracy. We apply correct documentation supporting your charges.
  • HMI | Ground Ambulance Claims Review Services for Reimbursement - We validate billed HCPCS codes, origin/destination modifiers, provider arrangement modifiers, loaded mileage, and verify the codes reported so you get paid in full.
  • HMI | Home Health Agency (HHA) Claims Review for Reimbursement - We comprehensively validate the billed HIPPS code, HCPCS codes for visit disciplines (SN, PT, OT, SW, etc.), units, diagnoses codes, and billable supplies for accuracy.
  • HMI | Hospice Claims Review for Complete Reimbursement - Our team validates the billed HCPCS code and key documents to ensure completeness and accuracy for each episode of care. Don't miss out on your charges - Contact us!
  • HMI | Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Records Review for Reimbusement - Our team of professionals will ensure a schedule exists for filing the minimum data set (MDS) and claims in a timely manner to capture all charges fully and accurately.
  • HMI | Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility (IRF) Records Review - Our personnel will review records to ensure admits were appropriate to meet medical necessity and documentation/staff services satisfied the minimum CMS requirements.
  • HMI | Medical Coding Services for Medical Providers - Let the experts at HMI provide case management review for medical necessity for observation and inpatient services. We can also help with denial issues.
  • HMI | Contract Medical Coding Services for Your Company - Are you needing medical contract codling services for backlogs or staffing issues? Let our coding specialists help you resolve these issues.
  • HMI | Inpatient Medical Coding Reviews and Medical Coding Services - Our coding specialists will ensure accurate assignment of the MS-DRG for highest reimbursement for your facility, validating POA indicators and discharge disposition.
  • HMI | Outpatient Mecial Coding Reviews and Medical Coding Services - Complete records review for highest reimbursement is performed by specialists ensuring your facility has included all appropriate documentation for medical necessity.
  • HMI | Physician Servies for Medical Claims - At HMI we are competent in validating and reviewing billed services to capture complete charges. We even offer training when needed to educate staff. Let us help today!
  • HMI | Charge Capture Services for Physicians - Our coding specialist will review the medical record for appropriate diagnoses assignment and capture E/M levels and/or procedures for billing.
  • HMI | Physician/Provider Claims Review for Chargemaster Review - Our Chargemaster consultants will validate that your providers have documented fully in accordance with current CMS Evaluation and Management Documentation Guidelines.
  • HMI | Physician Office Services Chargemaster Review and Training - Our consultants will work with your office staff to ensure that all items are coded and billed accurately, offering chargemaster training to your staff when applicable.
  • HMI | Chargemaster Services for Medical Providers - At HMI we provide chargemaster services and claim review for physicians and facilities. Our specialists will ensure compliance with CMS regulations and provide training.
  • HMI | Comprehensive Chargemaster Review Update for Medical Facilites - HMI will provide a comprehensive review of your chargemaster line-by-line for inpatient and outpatient charges and all clinic charges maintained in the CDM
  • HMI | Remote Chargemaster Maintenance for Medical Providers - Our consultant specialists will provide remote chargemaster maintenance services and maintain your chargemaster from our Corporate Office on a daily basis.
  • HMI | Outpatient/Ancillary Chargemaster Review Update and Training - Our chargemaster specialists will review line items for addition, modification, deletion, and/or allowable reimbursement levels. Don't miss out on your outpatient charges!

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