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  • NickSab - Just "wow" quiet (compared to old one) - very pleased overall

    Recently upgraded our kitchen, including this new disposal, an upgrade from our prior basic 1/2 horsepower model. Wow... I mean, wow is this thing quiet compared to the old one. Now, that may partly be due to the fact that we have a heavy cast iron sink, but still. Seriously - when I first turned it on, I feared it was jammed - it just makes that similar low humming sound. I had to aim a flashlight in there to see that, in fact, the spinny parts were indeed spinning.

  • "Cal" - Get The NuFace TRINITY it is so much better

    This older model runs off batteries which need to be replaced frequently. The new NuFace Trinity is fabulous. It is rechargeable, comes with its own charger stand. The Trinity has an ergonomic handle which makes it comfortable to hold during use. The Trinity has a removable head - the company will introduce exciting new heads which should available in 2013. The NuFace microcurrent device has many benefits. After using it for six months, my facial skin is more tone. My jowls are diminished and my jawline more defined. The change occurred slowly, at first a very subtle change. No irritations, no redness, no downtime, no problems. I prefer aloe vera gel for conductivity, it does not dry up as fast as the NuFace gel and is gentle on my sensitive skin. After one month, I really did not notice anything but I made the commitment to use it daily for 60 days, so I continued to use it. After 60 days, I believed my skin felt more toned although I still had not noticed a visual change. After 90 days, WOW! I finally "saw" a change in my jawline. After six months, YOWZA! My jowls and jawline really showed the change. Bottom line: it takes a commitment to use the device daily at first and then at least 3-5x a week after that for continued improvement and benefit. The device holds a charge quite long. I use it 5x or more a week. I typically recharge it every two weeks although it still has plenty of charge remaining, I charge it anyway. I use the device on my thighs too, a cellulite cream for conductivity.

  • Milorad Jovanovic - I have sinned

    This has consumed me, I have become an evil torturer of my workplace. It has gone so far that I can never, under any circumstances admit to what I've been doing. Not because of people being pissed but because I have wasted so much of company time and resources. I have been spraying and spraying and people have been gagging and gagging. Comments range from dead racoon in vents to someone hiding a bucket of diarrhea somewhere to raw sewage backed up to many many more comments. Even the most calm and rational people have started to curse. People are calling off work, calling safety, threatening to call OSHA...Maintenance has been here 20 times already, they've gone through sewer looking for cracks, investigated everything, torn down a small wall in bathroom, taken ceiling off, changed all filters...The hardest thing is keeping straight face when people start to curse and run outside. I am super slick in how I spray, no one even suspects anything like this, let alone that it's me. The smell is agonizing, it is truly the most foulest, nastiest, disgusting, vomit inducing reek, EVER. I can't even begin to come up with a rational way as to how this was made other than a bucket full of urine, puke, diarrhea and a racoon corpse that cooked in 95 degree sun for 7 days all put together in a paint shaking machine at a paint store. There is no other explanation. It is a menacing smell that will haunt your dreams forever.

  • Jean Carol Berg - I am thankful for these great products.

    After extreme abdominal surgery for adhesions 8 years ago, I started taking Serapatase, I also have 4stents in my main artery that are 9 years old. I am almost 81 years old and have no more problems with anything. I also take Nattokinase and Colostrum, many anti oxidants and salmon oil. My floaters have almost gone. I am thankful for these great products.

  • D. Henderson - Some grass grew and then all grass died.

    I must have done something wrong. I threw the seeds into a shaded area of exposed top soil, watered daily and actually did see some small sprouts but then they all died and I'm left with bare dirt once again. Will not buy again.