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  • Ms. Sherry Liu - a must read!

    This is a must-read for anyone who encounter huge ships daily and do not want to get run over by them. I found this book extremely helpful. To this day, I have never been run over by a single huge ship!!

  • Marina M - Yummy, not very hot

    Not very hot but full of flavor. I have to be careful not to finish the bottle in one sitting when eaten with chips. Sometimes I throw it into my cooking- into my scrambled eggs for example. Yum

  • sla68 - CD is defective

    This book is required for my class. While the book's content seems good so far, I have had to purchase this twice. My initial purchase was from the college bookstore. The interactive CD worked fine twice but afterwards all I get is an error message stating that BookonCD.exe has stopped working. An inspection of the CD revealed a small defect on the edge of the CD so I communicated with tech support at to ask how to resolve this. The CD is required for me to complete class assignments. I was hoping I could download the content from their website but I was told my hard drive must have damaged the CD and I would need to purchase a new book in order to get a new CD.

  • Matt Purwin - Great Product

    This was much smaller than I thought it was going to be, it is literally smaller than most cell phones. Looks great, and not made out of cheap plastic like similar products. I live in the city so i didn't experience any radio loss, though I listen to Sirius/iPod mainly. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to give their truck a little added flair.

  • Steven - It sucked

    The jokes were forced and bad, it felt more like a comedians trying to tell jokes instead of actors in a funny movie.

  • Ms. Eden - Delightful!

    I loved this amazing treasure trove of short stories for the wee ones. I often watch my sister's kids, and these cute and funny stories are each just the right length to hold the little one's attention. Some of the favorites so far have been Alligators Don't Skateboard, Furious Fred and Where the Silly Things Are. Considering many children's books only have one story for this price, getting 100 great stories is a real bargain. Great for not only read-aloud to the younger kids, the older ones will enjoy reading along. And the illustrations are plentiful and perfect. Five stars all around!