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  • G. S. Tipsword - Preferred treatment

    This product removes the chlorine compounds just like other, similar sodium thiosulfate dechlorinator products do. This sill also remove chloramines, which are increasingly being used by municipalities to treat their water supplies. The more common sodium thiosulfate products don't do the job on these newer household water treatment methods.

  • Hammerboy - Can't tell if it's CD's or web interface

    I would like to buy this product, but I don't want a web interface, I want CD ROM. However, from the product details, there is no way to tell if the item includes CD's with the book, or a web interface. All it says is "software kit". Very confusing. Fix your description

  • Amazon Customer - and best smelling shoes ever

    These are the coziest, nicest, and best smelling shoes ever. I never get sick of them because they are comfortable and light weight. Perfect for any excersising! I don't think I'll ever want to try out a new gym shoe again.

  • Matt Price - AMAZING!!

    This antenna is PERFECT for the trail!! Get rid of that oversized OEM antenna that hits literally EVERY branch with this sleek (not flexible or rubber version) antenna!! I didn't lose any reception at all, and it looks VERY sleek on the Jeep!! VERY easy to install. One piece of advice however. When tightening this antenna, there are no socket locations, so there really isn't anything to grab ahold of. I used my hand to tighten as far as I could; however, the threads weren't completely down, so I used a pair of pliers to finish the job and wound up putting a small gash in the side. I covered this up with a sharpie (ha!) and it looks all black & sleek again. Moral of my story: I highly recommend using a pair of RUBBER-tipped pliers to tighten this antenna all the way down :) SUPER product!!

  • Ray Gray - Great for passing on family recipes

    A couple years ago I received the 2011 version of this software. I love it and still use it almost daily.

  • Amazon Customer - Long Time user

    I have been using minoxidil for 21 years. I started in my early 20s since i have a family history of hair loss and I was just beginning to lose my hair. Though the bottle doesn't say to use it in this fashion I have maintained most by no means all of my hair. I have a general thinning not male pattern baldness. Minoxidil is a great product if you still have hair and catch it early. There is no doubt in my mind I would have gone bald. I have been using the comb for 6+ months and i haven't noticed any additional growth but I am looking to ditch the drug as I slowly decrease the days I use it. All I want is to maintain what I have. Read the directions carefully some people have written about longer sessions then necessary.

  • Kelly - ... purchasing argan oil I had been looking for a good hair product for when I straightened my hair forever

    Before purchasing argan oil I had been looking for a good hair product for when I straightened my hair forever. I have 2b/c hair and it is very prone to frizz. I had tried countless products before this one. This one is amazing! I have been using it since 2012 and just realized I've never reviewed it. It takes away all the frizz in my hair and leaves it smooth and shiny (but in a way that looks nice, not greasy). My hair has also looked a lot healthier since I started using it and I find it extremely moisturizing. A little goes a long way -- I've been using this bottle since 2012.