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  • The Just-About-Average Ms. M - So, What Can I Do for an Encore?

    Psychological suspense is often difficult to carry off well. Sometimes an author dwells far too much on the inner twists and turns in a character’s head, leaving little of this character for us to identify and perhaps and empathize with. Sometimes an author will artificially inflate the tension just to keep us turning the pages all the way to the finale. And sometimes an author will succumb to the unfortunate tendency to overwrite nearly every scene, every paragraph, even—why use one adjective, a single simile, when three or four are better? If I’d seen any of these issues early on in this novel, I would have clicked “Delete” and moved on with my lovely Saturday

  • Margaloo - more than counteracted lamotragine side effect but blood thinning?

    My Dr recommended this because it helped another patient of hers to whom she had prescribed Lamotragine. My hair stopped falling out within a few weeks. Now, 5 months later, I have dropped down to one capsule a day. Its been a couple of weeks since I did that and I am still not seeing much hair falling out--if any. I think it's even less than my "normal" level of hair falling out from before I started Lamotragine. My hair is thicker than it was and when the new new growth grows long enough to catch up with the old growth I am going to have a pony tail that is probably twice the diameter of what it was before I started taking it.

  • Binkie - Kaspersky

    Good Anti-Virus Program. I purchased Norton 360 but on my Windows Vista computer it slowed it to a crawl. Nortons 360 my preference worked well on my Win 7 computers.

  • jamesmoore39 - The Best Minoxidil at the Best Deal is Here.

    I've been using this product for about 1 month so far and it's absolutely fantastic! It's a quality product and at a much much more affordable price if you really look around at different retailers selling the same thing. It's working and because of that, I give it a five star rating and any guy whose losing a little hair on his crown should consider buying this product - It really does work.

  • Awdsyco - If I can give it 6 stars.

    My 99 Honda Civic has 215K miles with oil diarrhea from crank and rear main seals, thick with black dirt collected over the years under the transmission and engine oil pan. To replace the seals, mechanic wants $500 so what I got to lose with $10 sealer. Drained and replaced 100% full synthetic oil so additives will remove all the gunk, at the same time poured in this 8 ounce bottle to the crank case along with the oil.