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  • R. V. Russo - LD Laserjet - Toner replacement Cartridges

    I work out of my home office and use my computer & laser jet printer daily. I quickly decided that OEM replacement cartridges are way too expensive, and found a local computer shop who refills spent laser jet cartridges for $35 plus tax.

  • Socially_distorted - Awesome works every time!

    Great product. I've been using the stuff for years and have never failed a UA. I stop using about 16 hours before my test and drink a ton of water and have yet to fail my monthly test

  • Patrick L. - Great game thoroughly enjoying it

    Great game thoroughly enjoying it, but it's been 10 days and I haven't received the codes for my for bonus games and I am really disappointed about what seems to be false advertising, if you have a way to fix this then please help

  • cyalexi - BLU is the best value smart phone company in the world.

    Probably the best value I have ever gotten from a smart phone purchase. I love this little work horse. Get a 64 GB micro SD card and this phone will service all your basic needs and then some. I have convinced 6 people to buy BLU phones since I got mine and they are all thanking me. This is truly a great company and we should all pay attention to their entire line. My next phone is going to be one of the $200 phones. I can't go on enough about the value of this phone. Just get one for a laugh like I did, thinking I'd have it a month or two till the next line of Samsung comes out...and I just decided to ride it out cause I really don't need the Galaxy for anything besides the camera.