Hearthstone Village Hearthstone Village Welcome - Hearthstone Village - Hearthstone Village is a non-profit in Mendocino County, Calif serving medical needs in Baja, Mexico & housing and education for orphan girls in Haiti.

  • http://hearthstonevillageukiah.org/about-us/ Hearthstone Village Who We Are - Hearthstone Village - Meet the Board of Directors of Hearthstone Village Ukiah. Our projects involve frequent trips to Haiti and Mexico and fundraisers thru the year in N California.
  • http://hearthstonevillageukiah.org/meet-the-girls/ Hearthstone Village Meet the Girls of RMOF - Hearthstone Village - Meet the girls sponsored by Hearthstone Village Ukiah, who live and are educated at the Reveil Matinal Orphanage (RMOF) in Haiti plus volunteer testimonials.
  • http://hearthstonevillageukiah.org/services/ Hearthstone Village Our Projects - Hearthstone Village - Hearthstone Village Ukiah Partnership with Reveil Matinal Orphanage Foundation (RMOF); Hearthstone Health Clinic Project, Tu Hogar in El Cardonal, Baja, Mexico
  • http://hearthstonevillageukiah.org/blog-3/ Hearthstone Village News - Hearthstone Village - Hearthstone Village Ukiah Blog: check here for events, fundraisers, photos and stories
  • http://hearthstonevillageukiah.org/contact/ Hearthstone Village Contact Us - Hearthstone Village - Contact Hearth Stone Village P.O. Box 933 Ukiah, California 95482 Ph: (707) 462-2439; Make a tax deductible donation here using PayPal or Credit Card

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