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  • Kindle Customer - Love It

    I love this song, and very happy with what I downloaded. I know Heart was more hard rock, but this was they're best!!

  • Mary P. - Love this song

    I love this entire album, and the band itself. Heart is always a classic band to listen to. And I never get tired of hearing this song or any of their songs for that matter.

  • Onasphere - I would have bet twice the purchase price it wasn't ...

    I would have bet twice the purchase price it wasn't going to work. It worked, and it got me home safely.

  • Cold and Unhappy - Don't waste your time

    I see the reason for this product. It sounds great. My brother got one a few months ago and loves it. However, it has a good probability of not working for you.

  • Amazon Customer - Works perfect. Already alerted me twice to a bad condition

    Works perfect. Already alerted me twice to a bad condition. Saved my cats life. I'm a full time RVer in Florida.

  • Bill_I - This seems like a great product

    This seems like a great product, and it does magically stop the leak in my spa, however my leaks keep coming back. As my spa is encased in foam, it's impossible to say if the product doesn't last a long time or more leaks are occurring. In my case, because I can see the PVC glue deteriorating on a fitting that I can reach, I think it is the latter.

  • IMakeSoap - Invaluable for Pet Owners

    As a mother and multiple pet owner (2 dogs and 6 cats) I have found that I cannot live without this product. We recently moved and my 1 yr old dog decided that he needed to mark the house as his and peed everywhere. I tried just about everything and found this product in my local Wal-Mart as I was on yet another search for something to get out that pee smell. This stuff is GREAT! Not only did it work on the peed on carpet (and it soaks right through to the pad), it also worked on getting out stains left behind by my parent's dog from when they had the house. That dog has been gone for 5 years or so - so the stains were very old. The carpet itself is at least 18 years old, and this hasn't taken any of the color out at all and it's navy blue carpet.