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  • MichiganDad - perfect. I bought these for my 2014 Ram 1500 ...

    Weathertech mats are as expected...perfect. I bought these for my 2014 Ram 1500 Crew Cab and they work and look great. Worth the $$$.

  • SoftSupple - full hair head....

    My temples and crown had been having some trouble with growing hair.... This made that all disappear... In 3 to 4 months... My head is back to full hair head... In fact it grow longer and has this sheen I love. This works and I love the tingly feeling that comes after oiling... I

  • Michael - Good for the hair you have

    I used this product for a year...six months twice a day and six months once a day. I am female and the hair on my crown is very thin. I would say this product contributed to the overall health of the hair I have because my hair is very healthy, but it didn't really give me an abundance of new hair in the places where I am thinning. Now, I must say from the beginning of my journey to retrieve my hair, Viviscal was just part of my arsenal which included only natural shampoos and conditioners, and I have gained some hair back but sadly not all. I think it's just a combination of everything I'm doing and not one thing because I'm working really hard to hold on to my hair. I don't regret using Viviscal, but I'm done.

  • Jeremy Howard - Works great. Haven't tested it's waterproofing capabilities fully yet

    Works great. Haven't tested it's waterproofing capabilities fully yet, but Bluetooth pairing works great and it gets pretty loud for a wireless speaker. Used it on a float trip recently and was glad to have it!

  • Keshav - Useful for last minute study

    This is good book to review and brush the skill at the last minute. My daughter found this very useful.

  • mysticalmayhm - Addictive game.

    I really have become addicted to playing this game and I have almost completely completed Sydney and Tokyo and San Francisco but now have started the special event of Transylvania and I have been able to play till tonight I try to go into the game and it won't load. Hope they fix it soon such a fun game!

  • ByStf-RvwStf - Stop here. You found the perfect case.

    Hell yes! This is literally everything I have ever looked for in a case. Perfect balance of bulk/protection/texture/design. This case is no where near as bulky as Speck cases, while I live the protection of speck, they are too big, like a pretty otter box. While slimmer, this case offers serious protection. Corners are well padded, as is the rest of the case. Design- not a "pretty" case per se, but has a seriously great, rugged look without looking as boring and rough as some other drop-protection cases. Durability - while I don't condone mistreatment, I did accidentally fling my phone from my hands onto the sidewalk, the phone and case survived the 5 foot fall without a scratch, even the case looks new. Lastly I want to add, even though I purchased the white case 5 months ago, it is still white. It hasn't picked up blue from my jeans, or dirt... Still clean as the day I got it.