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  • anonymous - undecided

    I have had this tv for 29 days now...the tv looked great in HH Gregg, better than the name brands. I am having an issue with pixelating and jerky pictures on non-HD channels. It is horrible and cant figure out how to fix it. The HD channels as well as dvd's and bluray all look great. Alas...yesterday the remote stopped working... new batteries... still nothing. I plan on calling the company tomorrow. I may return it. They advertise it as 120hz but I have yet to figure out how to set it to 120. The owners manual specifications say it is 60hz.

  • Jimbo - It's OK - that's it

    This phone has a lot of potential, but is just OK at best. On the plus side the screen display is AWESOME. The picture is bright and the colors are crisp and clear. It takes great pictures outside, but like most phone cameras, is poor in low light conditions. The size and thickness of the phone are great.

  • ZanderSaid - Fun Read

    I love looking at all of the stupid records out there and see the people who actually cared enough to go after the record. Very entertaining indeed!

  • charley's love - Machine great; flavorings terrible

    We received the SodaStream machine as a Christmas present and were pleased to find--after a bit of a learning curve--that it made terrific carbonated water without electricity or battery power. (It operates entirely mechanically, making about 50 liters of soda with each $15 exchangeable cylinder.) Also, it is only 6" wide at the base so that it easily fits on a countertop as long as you have nearly 17" of height. However, the flavorings it supplies are HORRIFIC. [More on specifically why and how to find substitute mixes below.]

  • Roni shop girl - I have lots of admiration for this Retinol

    I have been trying to do some catch-up with my skin. I have abused it for years and over time it's showing its age more than it should. Anyway, it's time to get serious.

  • phantomdeity - Great game for active pre-teen girls who like to dance.

    We bought this game on PS3 for my daughter. She is ten years old and has more energy to burn than a young star, so this game works out great. She and her friends play for hours. It is a good selection of music and there are more songs available for purchase through the playstaion network. We had Just Dance 2015 prior to this edition, and my daughter still plays that one too. I like that she is getting exercise while playing video games, and she is having fun doing it.

  • HappyFamily1000 - Good quality and very practical. Love it.

    Great case, and different from anything else in the market. Good quality and very practical. Love it.