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  • Katie Penton - Awesome!

    I love this computer! Still getting use to the Windows 8, but that's with any computer now. I would defiantly recommend it!

  • kinakomochi - Works just fine; many of the one-stars didn't know they have bits of clothing caught inside the washer before cleaning it

    Judging by the yeas for this product and glancing at the nays (which tbh, can all be traced to small articles of clothing getting stuck in drains)... the yeas seem to be echoing my own experience.

  • Mick - Don't waste your money it doesn't work

    Don't waste your money it doesn't work. I had toenail fungus for a long time (couple of yrs) went to many doctors to rid myself from it. I tried this product at first with no help at all. Went to a foot doctor and he prescribed something like this which you apply to the nail which was a waste of time and money also. So I went to my dermatologist which prescribed a pill for 3 months after which I still had it and didn't look like it was any better. So I went back and she said try soaking your foot in vinegar and warm water every night for 8 minutes. I did and I cut the whole nail off that wasn't attached and the nail grew back as normal as it was before all this started long ago. I tried cutting the whole off before but always didn't kill this fungus. I don't know if the pill worked or the vineger or the combination of both but I am fungus free. If I could remember the name of the pill I would mention it. But Zeta Clear is just another product that doesn't work at all. Try vinegar and warm water 1 part vinegar to 2 part water.

  • Melissa - Best To Get You over the Hump!

    OMG! This was all I needed to drop the last few pounds from my previous goal. I finished the bottle and then just maintained my weight. When I am ready to drop my last 10 pounds, I will start taking again.

  • Dave K. - This might be helpfull for others, but didn't help me.

    Bought this looking for some answers to mitigate back pain. Didn't offer what I thought it would. This might help others however.