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  • Light Painting Tour in Prague | - Alternative night experience. Explore Prague after sunset, learn the techniques of light painting photography and have fun with a creative local.
  • Prague's Strangest Stories Alternative Tour | - Prague’s strange, fascinating and maybe unbelievable stories narrated by a local story teller. Alternative offbeat tour to see the quirky and curious Prague.
  • Scavenger Hunt in Prague | - Alternative outdoor activity, a fast-paced game using witty, tricky questions, ciphers and tasks created by locals to discover Prague’s fascinated places.
  • Political History Walking Tour in Prague | - Political walk though the turbulent Czech history and its politics with a local history buff. From kings to communists, Velvet Revolution, Václav Havel and contemporary politics.
  • Art Nouveau and Art Deco Tour in Prague | - Prague's art nouveau from its hidden gems to well-known buildings leaded through secret passages that are interwoven into the New Town of Prague. Visit places that are loved by locals but unknown for tourists.
  • Alternative Prague Tour with a Disabled Guide | - Very alternative Prague tour with a local disabled guide. Free your mind and explore Prague from a totally different perspective.
  • Nocturnal Walking Tour Prague | - Best of Prague by night. Secret hideaways after sunset. Thrilling walking tour filled with historical facts and magic views with a local Prague lover.
  • Tailor made private tour Prague | - Alternative Prague tour with your own private local guide. Customized walk that make a tour memorable as you discover Prague's past, present and future at your pace.

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    City: 14.4667 Hlavni mesto Praha, Czechia

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