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  • Legality -- Green215 - For Prop 215 patients (HS 11362.5) with legal questions CHO has document resources available on our website: Moreover, Compassionate Health Options has In-House legal resources for its patients who have had an issue with law enforcement questioning your status as a medical marijuana patient.  
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  • mommys4 - Mother of 4- & I LOVE this simple device!!

    This simple device has saved me (and my small children) the agony of using a bulb syringe when they were congested. My kids were are small to blow their noses effectively, if at all and this baby-vac allowed me to remove the excess mucus in seconds. AMAZING!!

  • foto-u - Changed review......because

    Wow! What great customer service! I had ordered the 12" based on sellers description of how to determine correct sizing. When it arrived it did not fit. Since I had discarded the original packaging I felt I could not return it. I gave a poor star rating because of their sizing description. I was contacted by Frywall and am very pleased to say the 10" version replacement fits my 11.5 " frypans perfectly. The company is changing their sizing recommendation to more accurately reflect correct measurements. The personal service was outstanding! The Frywall is a great item to have if you are tired of splatter on your stovetop and adjoining counter. It takes up very little space compared to the splatter screens, cleans more easily if you don't have a large dishwasher to fit the screen type pan topper. I especially like that I can cook without having to cover my frypan, remove the cover, hold the cover or put on the counter while stirring or turning food. Now.....just want them to make a smaller one for when a large frypan is not necessary.

  • Carol B. Gacesa - This program is not user friendly. You have to ...

    This program is not user friendly. You have to scroll through dozens of cards for over an hour, to find what you want. ie: you can not look for cards just for son, daughter, aunts, etc. without scrolling through the whole list!!!

  • Daniel Webb - Works as expected.

    Very simple to install on stroller. You need to push down firmly to snap the Chico Key Fit 30 car seat into the adapter. Once in place, you can pick up the stroller and car seat by the car seat handle - it is that secure.

  • keithsdoe - AWESOME!!!

    I do not have a terrible time sleeping, but there are those nights that you just can't get to sleep and don't want to take medication only to wake up the next morning feeling hung-over or worse than you would have if you hadn't slept at all. I do not have insomnia, Thank God, but this helps me get a full night of restful sleep without any chemicals or medications. Buying it by the case is much cheaper than box by box at the grocery store as well. The taste is great, needs no sugar or creamer, so it is calorie free! It is a wonderful, herbal remedy for those seeking to have a better, more restful night. Drinking it every night has helped make me calmer and more peaceful throughout the day. Chamomile is proven to aid in relieving stress and anxiety, and this tea contains Chamomile as well as a few other ingredients to help you be calm and restful. I highly recommend this product!!!

  • Cristina Rich - I am not disappointed at all

    It is interesting to see how this doctor saw the nutritional deficienceis is animals and relates it to people. I found out he was right on several levels because I myself don't eat right most of the time. I am going to try some of the recommendations in this book. Either way this is a very interesting story that I am still reading. I am not disappointed at all. Now to try a healthy life-style for myself. Now I kind of know where to start.

  • Michael Erkkinen - My experience with VW2011

    I've been using VWArchitect since the early 90's. I have a design-build business, so my CAD use is more sporadic than most full-time designers. I tend to design one project at a time, then build it, then design the next one. I originally chose VWArch because its solid modelling platform most resembled the process of creating a building out of solid objects (wood, fasteners, concrete, etc.). It also allowed me to model and render buildings and objects in a somewhat life-like way, which was a big plus in communicating with clients. Prior to VWA, I used first a pencil, and then Auto Cad (2D). Dollar for dollar, as a design-builder, VWA is the best and most useful tool in my arsenal.