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  • Ben Gordon - BEST FPS IN YEARS!!!!

    I played the beta for BF1 and was skeptical. But after getting my hands on the full version I can say this is the most incredible FPS i've played since first trying CoD 4 so many years ago. The game is beautiful, gritty, and hard, but fair. THIS is a next generation FPS that puts modern day Call of Duty to shame!

  • Customer - Loving it!

    I'm loving it. I had the 2012 version which I bought in med school and I had to update for my exam. They have added more notes and lots of pictures so its more colourful. It seems to be getting bigger each year. This book essential for the boards and is a great review! Thanks to the authors.

  • Michelle S. - Greatest cleaning cloths ever!

    I was introduced to these a couple years ago and love them as you don't have to use chemicals to wipe your counters down. We also have them for the bathrooms and I wipe the walls down and door knobs. Great product!

  • beckaliz - Happy faces

    This keyboard was purchased with my own money (not freebie) for an elderly man that still uses email. He couldn't see the keys on the black chiclet keyboard we had, which had come with the PC originally. He wanted one that was white, and I thought a backlit one would help him. After finding this and trying it out, I have to say it is on the same level of comfort and aesthetics as my Corsair K70 RGB keyboard. It is a joy to type on and the RGB lights are very nice. The light is very consistently bright for all the keys, and all the color options are distinct and usable. It even has some cool animations and type-responsive modes. It is NOT programmable like the K70 - so look elsewhere if you want that.

  • Lmark - It will be enjoyed for many years to come and will one day ...

    I inherited several Swarovski ornaments when my parents passed away. My favorites had always been the snowflakes. I decided this year I wanted to continue collecting on my own and my husband ordered the 2015 edition snowflake for me. The order arrived quickly and securely packaged. I am familiar enough with the product to know this is the real deal. It will be enjoyed for many years to come and will one day be passed down too my children and grandchildren. It's beautiful and I am very pleased.

  • Calvin F - the crap that scrapes the dead skin off is made of ...

    Exfoliates well (but, really so does sugar, baking soda, etc.) I would rate it higher if the packaging wasn't misleading in it's "100% natural EXFOLIANTS" claim. Yeah, the crap that scrapes the dead skin off is made of natural ingredients, but everything else is relatively bad for your skin.

  • Amazon Customer - I absolutely love the no Poo wash and conditioner I use the ...

    I just wanted to write a quick review regarding diva curl products in general I have thin curly kinky hair and have been looking for something to help enhance my curls and give me some volume and this is it . I absolutely love the no Poo wash and conditioner I use the volume so and the coconut scrunch and it has worked wonders for me !!!!! So if you are looking for a product for your curly kinky unruly hair I would definitely recommend this