Home - The RigiScan Plus rigidity assessment system is an ambulatory diagnostic tool used to measure the frequency, rigidity and duration of both nocturnal and provocative erections.

  • http://gotopmedical.com/rigiscan%c2%ae-plus.html RigiScan┬« Plus - The RigiScan┬« Plus Monitor is an ambulatory data logging unit that measures and records penile rigidity and tumescence.
  • http://gotopmedical.com/case-studies.html Case Studies - Case studies about the RigiScan Plus as a clinical diagnostic tool for gathering medical data about blood flows to the penis. Case studies relate to Psychogenic Impotence, as well as oganic based causality: Vascular Abnormalities, Neurologic Abnormalities along with Vascular & Neurologic abnormalities.
  • http://gotopmedical.com/normal-lab-values.html Normal Lab Values - Gotop Medical in conjunction with the Uro-Center of San Diego uses the RigiScan monitor to evaluate over 500 patients complaining of erectile dysfunction. Here are the normal lab values.
  • http://gotopmedical.com/psychogenic-impotence.html Psychogenic Impotence - Case studies about the RigiScan Plus in association with Psychogenic Impotence or performance anxiety.
  • http://gotopmedical.com/vascular-abnormalities.html Vascular Abnormalities - This section relates to organic impotence from Vascular Abnormalities and the analysis of data from the RigiScan Plus.
  • http://gotopmedical.com/neurologic-abnormalities.html Neurologic Abnormalities - Various case studies of organic impotence in terms of neurologic abnormalities and RigiScan's role in data gathering and analysis.
  • http://gotopmedical.com/vascular---neurologic-abnormalities.html Vascular & Neurologic Abnormalities - A series of case studies related to organic impotence in terms of both vascular and neurologic abnormalities.
  • http://gotopmedical.com/references.html References - Detailed references gathered from medical research and actual clinical usage about the RigiScan and the RigiScan Plus.
  • http://gotopmedical.com/contact-us.html Contact Us - Ths is the contact page for Gotop Medical regarding the RegiScan Plus diagnostic medical equipment for male erectile dysfunction.

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