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  • Luyzah - Fast shipping! I started to take this 3 weeks ...

    Fast shipping! I started to take this 3 weeks ago. I feel a little difference in my vision. The floaters are still there I might have take it longer or increase the dosage. I know that herbs do not work fast. It can take months before we see any improvement.

  • June - This works great.

    This book is an easy and quick read. Chapter 7 is titled Dr. Fife's Oil Pulling Therapy. I recommend that you read this chapter 1st then start with chapter 1. The success stories of others are interesting. Each person will definitely have a different experience . I have been oil pulling consistently for 6 weeks and I have noticed improvements. I use Coconut Oil that is organic, virgin, and unrefined. I feel the coconut oil flavor is a lot easier to use especially if you like coconut.

  • polecat - Super-comfortable, pretty, and shapely

    Love, love this bra! I'm a tall woman with a 36(more like 35)A chest, who's had a terrible time finding any bras that fit, and this bra is the holy grail for me. I wear the 34B (using the last set of closure hooks) in this one. It has just enough contouring and lift and has long enough straps that don't slip. It hugs my bust and enhances my size subtly, with enough coverage so that it doesn't show through fitted T shirts and sweaters. And no scratching or chafing whatsoever! No tags, and the materials are all very soft to my sensitive skin including the lace which adds a nice femme detail. I also like the strap adjustment is in the back, not front, so there's not plastic hardware showing through tight shirts. Totally happy they came out with this one!

  • Tom Kim - Must Buy

    Absolutely phenomenal. Not just the graphics but the mini storylines that the game has when you die. Of course, since the game just came out there are some small bugs/glitches here and there, such as bodies floating over craters, but other than that, this game will outplay COD Infinite Warfare by a long shot. You can tell how much time the developers put into this game. If you were a hardcore COD player, you will have to be patient with the recoil and the aiming since these are WWI guns and the game itself is trying to be as realistic as possible. The campaign so far is amazing since they use real life events which add to the authenticity of the game as a whole

  • Mustafa Abbas - Not worth it...

    Bought this for our 8 year old to use for reading her books and for games. Sadly the camera is not working, did a factory reset still will not work. Unable to get a e-reader to function on here. Also the display is very difficult to get it to respond to your finger and if you push hard enough to get an icon to respond it feels like the screen will get pushed in. This tablet seems to be more plastic than anything. Don't waste your money I am trying to return this to the seller. We also noticed that the plastic cover was on the bottom of the tablet and it was scratched up on the plastic which leads me to believe this is not a tablet you can just lay down.I guess it would be better to invest in a more expensive well known brand even for an 8 year old.

  • P. Hansen - Great disposal, good power and really quiet.

    I've had this installed and been using it for just over 2.5 weeks now. Everything is working great with it and it is significantly quieter than the lower priced Insinkerator Badger series and a Kenmore model that I had. It is so quiet that it almost sounds like it might not be working correctly.