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  • Matt - Got it as a joke ... but use it all the time.

    OK so I'm not the hairy dude that would maybe be the ideal user of this product. That's my disclaimer. I'm not going to claim that this shaver turned me from a wookie to a regular dude. That said, hair does grow on my back and every so often I want to get rid of said hair. I made a comment to my brother that I should invent a shaver on a stick to shave my back hair and he gave me one of these for my birthday almost as a joke.

  • katrina - Great product for the price

    I have to say for the money this is just great. It hurts at first. There is a slide on the arm to lower the pressure but it still hurts a little at first. Now that I'm used to it I use it full power. Be prepared to get soaked til you figure it all out! LOL. The tea stains on my teeth are going away and my teeth seem whiter. I feel like the plaque is loosening and going away too. And it can reach places that are really hard to get to with my toothbrush. I have a lot of teeth. Never had my wisdom teeth removed so its tight in there and a toothbrush just cant get all those spaces. It's been about a month I think. My husband loves it too. The only drawback is that an on off switch should be on the handle instead of the base but that's no big deal for the price.

  • chiney b - AWSOME

    I am a perfessional nail tech and i would advise anyone to get this kit and to use this company that supplies it because they are very hospitable and there products are great i was very happy with my order what you see is what you get and it does not take long to get to you either and your able to save especially from someone like me who lives all the way in the bahamas, because an airbrush machine over here starts at about $200.00