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Country:, North America, US

City: -87.6272 Illinois, United States

  • JenC - Instant Gratification

    My husband and I stumbled upon this product while in Las Vegas back in May - we had just celebrated my birthday the evening prior and needless to say I wasn't looking my best. The guy at the store did a demonstration on one eye to show the results, needless to say it was not only amazing but pretty much instant! I have been using this product ever since - I've always had super sensitive skin and have to be very careful of anything I put on my face - I've never had any issues with any of the Oro Gold products. I'm currently using 4 different products from this line and love every single one of them. I'm not the only one who has noticed how much better my skin looks either - a few friends I hadn't seen in a while asked what I had done - I had botox over 3 years ago and never received one single remark - I'm not saying this product is anything like botox, but when people start to notice your skin looks tighter, less puffy around the eyes, more tone & even colored there is obviously a reason for it.......the reason is this; THIS PRODUCT WORKS!! I was super happy to have found it so much more less expensive than what I paid for it in Vegas. This has allowed me to purchase different products that otherwise I would have been hesistant to try due to price. Nothing works for everyone - we are all different, but this one worked for me and I love it.

  • Nlmacq - It Works!

    I had an unbelievable fly infestation in the outdoor dog pen area. Even with picking up every dog poop the flies were just everywhere.

  • LilWiz - The BEST EPIC UBERLY AWESOME checkbook registers you'll EVER buy!

    5 STARS! These after all are a 5 pack of transaction checkbook registers!!! YISSSSSS! I mean, you can write down all the things you've bought in them (with check #'s, dates, business names, memos, price amounts), keep track of all that money you deposited in your bank account, and instead of using your calendar on your smart phone or the one hanging on the wall in the kitchen, you can see what day August 4, 2015 will be WITH THESE CHECKBOOK REGISTERS! EPIC!!!! These are great and I wouldn't expect anything else from these wonderful checkbook registers!

  • Kevin R. - Licensing is a pain in the butt.

    The software is good, quality software, but unless you have 1 computer, pass on this product. You are ONLY allowed to install it on one computer. It is locked there. Unless you unlock and move it to another one. If you have 2 computers in the household, you have to purchase another license.

  • TedO - A Different Point of View: Very Disappointed

    BOTTOM LINE: I found the Legend was buggy, performed poorly, and certainly does not work better than older/cheaper headsets. Given all the glowing reviews, advertising hype, and premium price, I was especially disappointed with the Legend. I use a BT headset several hours a day.

  • vladimir - Best card for game and other programs

    Best card for game and other programs !!!! Very quiet and cool card 45-68 degrees maximum, if you play in the middle and do not squeeze the card)) or even 50 degrees above without raising in games such as Tomb raider Rise, Mad Max, Son of Rome, Syndicate ,Quantum brake .