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  • Meagan - Great Waffles!

    I needed a new waffle maker, and received this one for Christmas. I was a little discouraged about the reviews on Amazon but I kept it anyways because I really liked it. I understand what other reviewers are saying, but this is a waffle maker, not the Olympics. It's a kitchen appliance and you must be gentle with it. The close and turn area in the front IS made with plastic, but if you be gentle with it and turn it carefully it should not break. This iron has nice even heating, and you can control it easily with the dial. My gluten-free, grain-free waffles came out excellently around the 4ish heat setting. I would recommend this product to anyone. Do not buy if you are low on space.

  • Vanessa Sharon Brown - Should You Upgrade to the Tablet?

    Hi! I am Vanessa Brown and I run a website called INeverGrewUp. We just received a LeapPad from LeapFrog to review and so I wanted to share with all of you what I thought of it!

  • Amazon Customer - This adapter + Chicco Keyfit 30 = happy mama!

    My Keyfit 30 is very secure in this adapter. I run with this on a packed dirt trail by my house. I have been using this since my son was 10 weeks old. I'm aware that the generally accepted time to begin to run with a baby is 4-5 months and that Bob recommends 8 months. However, I consulted with our pediatrician who agreed that running at a slowish pace on a smooth surface would not be very different from walking on the same surface. I recommend that you do the same. I watch my baby carefully when we 'run' and have had zero issues. I'm thrilled to finally get back to running - couldn't do it without this adapter!

  • Anna Kipnis - Really weird that this thing works as well as it does.

    Bought this for my boyfriend after he'd tried everything to relieve the terrible, chronic pain in his wrist and arm. People seemed to rave about its downright magical powers and it was so cheap, I figured it was worth a try. After one week his pain was gone! Seriously, completely gone. It was crazy, especially after trying so many other things.. It didn't seem like an oddly shaped mousepad would be the thing to work.. but there it is! Cured.

  • Michelle Reynolds - Short and Sweet

    The replacement antenna was easy to install. The low profile is a nice feature. Radio reception appears to be as good as the original, without being obvious.

  • Jolie Eichler - Great read!

    Very insightful, I love the monthly advice for my western sign. The book is easy to understand with tips such as back up electronic devices, and how to manage personal relationships. I highly recommend this for anyone who is curious!

  • mike Schuman - Do not waste your time or money

    Do not waste your time or money. Nothing friendly about installation, use and support. Support for even basic help and install costs $$. Don't know how they stay in business.