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  • Christopher G. - Lesson Learned....

    The jacket is really uncomfortable - the shoulders and arms were very tight. You get a larger size, and the arms get to be too long. Don't like the fit or styling at all. I returned the jacket at my expense ($10) and they appeared to refund me less $18, so my ordering on-line and trying it on at home cost me $28. Don't waste your time (or money). Go to a local shop (like REI) and see for yourself. BTW - REI has it currently on sale there for $68....lesson learned.

  • Jeannie N - Didn't work for me

    The instructions were carefully followed but there was still detection of marijuana even after using this drink. I let the bottle sit around for a few months before it was needed...it's possible it may have been expired by the time I used it. I've always found these product to be hit or miss and unfortunately this one was a miss for me.

  • Shyam Menon - Must read for anyone who wants to understand the rationale ...

    Must read for anyone who wants to understand the rationale behind the investments of the genius and wants to get some very important life lessons.

  • Alexandra Schouten - Contains Stimulant - do not use before bed

    This blend CAUSED me to have anxiety and insomnia. Like other reviewers have stated, these capsules contain eleuthero, which is a stimulant that can increase energy, focus, etc. It was absolutely my fault for not reading up on this herb before I took them, but it still begs the question -- why would they be adding this to kava kava, a root meant to relax you and help you sleep? Awful experience; will be throwing the bottle out immediately.