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    I lost my original remote and the dealership wanted over $200 to replace. I have an 05' Toyota Tacoma truck and this replacement remote is exactly the same as my original. Even has the Toyota logo on the back of it. The programming took me about 10x to get right as it requires pulling the ignition key in and out, opening and closing the door numerous times, and then pushing the remote button in a certain sequence; kind of feel like an idiot for 30minutes but if you follow the directions that they give you from a website the end result is exactly what it supposed to do. LOCK button locks both doors, UNLOCK button pushed once unlocks the driver door, UNLOCK button pushed twice unlocks both doors, HORN button sets on/off the horn and flashing lights when you cant find your vehicle in a huge parkinglot. Bottom line....this remote works and you will save a ton!

  • Blue Ridge gal - It is a great practical book

    It is a great practical book. It guides people to all the cultural highlights of an area and gives good directions and tips for using time wisely when in the area. The maps are good and easy to read. It is designed for the person who wants to get the most out of their experience and do it on their own. The book will suggest local guides you can contact if you want an informative venture. The hotel and restaurant selections are good for a variety of budgets. I have used these guides for years along with information I get online.

  • Andres - Disappointing

    After having a really nice Speck CandyShell for my iPhone 4S I thought it would only be natural to get another one when I purchased the iPhone 5. The case is wonderful to look at, adds very little bulk and has a nice glass that compliments the phone.

  • Jeff Switzer - Invaluable

    I buy this book and Turbo Tax every year. I find it too hard to get information from the instructions included in Turbo Tax so I use this book at a ready reference.

  • R. Bomar - Must have for vinyl siding owners!

    Forget your power washer for handling siding mildew issues! We put this stuff on our house in Delaware and in less than two months all the stains were gone off the vinyl siding! I couldn't believe like a champ and will never have to worry with that pesky power washing stuff anymore!