The Forensic Hygienist - As a Mum and a member of our community I am passionate to eliminate the risk of exposure to methamphetamine of people living in houses that once contained a clan lab, especially those with kids living in them.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 143.2104 , Australia

  • greenbaybarb - You won't be sorry!!!

    I will forever have gratitude for a friend telling me about the Gazelle Edge. I had reached the magical age where the blood pressure goes up, the lipid panel is scary, and after 2 years of working and going to school both time, I had gained weight, I no longer cared about anything, and I had barely enough energy to get through the day. Enter the Gazelle Edge. I needed something low impact, that would be fun, and could store easily, and the Gazelle Edge was the answer. I started out being on it only 15 minutes, and that time flew by, so I upped it to 20 minutes, and now I am up to 25 minutes. I play music that I love, and really get to working on this machine. In two weeks time, I had lost 7 pounds, and had more energy and a much improved mental state. I have also gone down one size in pants!

  • W. Audette - Great for Review

    I've used Quicken for many years now and like most people when I do the same thing over and over have no problem remembing what to do but when that "little" change or something needs to be added I always go back to the book for review and step by step help. Sandberg is brillant in her ability to give step by step directions to help with those not often used steps in Quicken. Well worth the money!

  • mikeyvintage - Works!

    This stuff works. It takes some getting used to how to use it but once you get the hang of it - VOILA! You have to use just very small amounts to avoid chalking. Keep still to let it dry and tighten - it just takes a few minutes to dry.

  • S. Long - Utter garbage

    Worst baking pan I've ever owned. We received it as a gift (it had been on one of our wish lists) and found, before even using it, that there were several manufacturing flaws. Something had struck the pan in a pattern during the manufacturing process, creating a line of shallow gauges across the width of the pan's cooking surface. Also, the finish work on the rim edges, where it is folded over the rim and back under the lip, was extremely shoddy. Metal was rippled and uneven, leaving several sharp edges. There were at least 3 sharp spikes of scrap material sticking out from under the edges.

  • J. McTighe - This program is a piece of Garbage! DO NOT BUY

    This program is a piece of Garbage! DO NOT BUY! There is no way of printing the help section or knowledge base, so you can take advantage of the functionality. You must buy multiple licenses to use on multiple platforms. When you e-mail support, you quickly receive a response from Geoff explaining he is sorry to disappoint you, but you can't do something as simple as print out a help file. He suggested, I include it (my request) in a vote, so it may be included in the next revision, and then I can pay for that update! This company has produced a product not for the consumer, but for themselves. It is a waste of time and money.