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  • Rochelle Fogg - Boosted B-12 level to normal range

    Our medically certified dietician (with a master's degree working out of a hospital - not the health food store knowledgeable clerk) recommended methylated B-12. My husband's level was way low and his blood test showed recovery to normal after taking this for 4 months. The B-12 seemed to have helped modulate his mood swings.

  • InTheKnow - Disappointed

    I was really looking forward to giving this to my 7 year old because she loves my iPad so much. I thought this would be a good starter without the hefty price tag. I might as well have bought her the iPad or similar device though. Compared to a full blown tablet the LeapPad programs are VERY expensive. The cheapest programs for the LeapPad are about $5, and their are relatively few of them available. Most of the programs, in fact the vast majority, are $10. Compare that now to the cost of children's educational programs for an iOS device that are between free and 1 or 2 bucks, and the value of this product washes away pretty quick. Its extremely... sometimes painfully slow too. The device comes with about 10 or 12 programs but my 7 year old was board with those after a couple of hours; she spends most of the time now playing with the camera, which has pretty poor resolution. All things aside except for the cost of the programs, the iPad or similar device is a MUCH better value. When you add the comparison of speed, camera and screen resolution, the LeapPad is simply a waste of money.

  • Bubba Warbucks - Worked fine for about a month, then went wifi deaf.

    After a month of use, the computer no longer connects to my Wifi system. It says it is connected, but it will not bring up the Wifi management page, nor the internet. All my other wifi devices work fine.

  • anonymous 119 - Best Hunting Game Yet!

    I have purchased multiple hunting games and out of all of them this is the best one yet. It's a great game with amazing graphics. I've been told this game doesn't install on the Kindle but it does. I love it! There are all sorts of different types of animals to hunt. Including deer, wolves, bears, cheetahs, elephants, zebras, and much more. Plus it's free, again, best hunting game ever!

  • JMroz - it didn't look like the costumed pictured

    When this costume arrived, it didn't look like the costumed pictured. The ears are made out of craft foam and the material is very thin. It wasn't useable for Halloween, but my little one was so excited about it that we kept it for dress up.

  • Russell E. Gray Jr. - The Essential HR Handbook

    This is one of the best "go to" books that can provide immediate help for any manager concerning HR issues. With this handbook, there is no longer any need to acquire several books focused on one aspect of HR issues. More importantly, this is an excellent guide for the HR professional to give to their internal client base as a summary of what to expect and more importantly, how to handle. For those who feel they are already well versed in handling complex HR issues, the handbook provides a tool to deal with the most common ones that are often overlooked, leading to more difficult situations.Anyone who is not well versed will gain instant credibility by following the information and counsel offered. It is a book that should have been written long ago.