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  • http://floridahealthfinder.cloudapp.net/healthencyclopedia/Health%20Illustrated%20Encyclopedia/topics.aspx List of Topics | Health Encyclopedia | FloridaHealthFinder.gov - Colles' fracture is a break across the end of the main bone of the forearm (the radius). A Colles' fracture results in a backward and outward position of the hand in relation to the forearm.

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  • jfeliciano - garbage

    I had bought this product and realized it's a program that collects data from free websites all on to there site to make it convient. This product died with in 4 hours of use and became non functional, USB dongle would not work, the rabbit program would not pick it up so buy at your own risk once this USB fails the only option is either pay to ship it to get it fix or buy another one. Either which way this product is poorly manufacture.

  • Unicorn - Wonderful cooler (for the price)

    I've recently built an AMD Athlon II 425-based computer (a certain regional electronics retailer well-known for their CPU/motherboard combos made an offer I could not refuse. What I paid for the CPU works out to less than forty dollars.) Naturally, and like most other people who choose to assemble their own PCs, I could not resist the allure of overclocking. Of course, stock cooling solutions are adequate for... well, cooling the CPU at stock settings. Since all modern CPUs have great overclocking potential but get quite hot when doing so, I wanted to upgrade my cooler.

  • Sholley - Very pleasantly surprised

    I wasn't expecting much from this book but the ratings were so good I thought I'd give it a try. So happy I did!! Didn't want to put it down and when it was down I kept trying to figure out how I can get a couple more pages in. Loved it and I can't wait to get the next one.

  • Rexus - Great product!!

    I bought the facial scrub from my Giant Eagle and it was $23 but the body scrub that was much larger than 5 oz. was only $15. I dont think this price is really fair. But I found it to work wonders with my sensitive acne prone skin. And if you get any redness pair it with Neutrogenas deep clean cream cleanser.

  • alabemos - Useful

    I'm going to limit my review to Word, as I have not used the other programs in the new Office very much yet.

  • Pookie - This book has a lot of info to read. ...

    This book has a lot of info to read. You have to cut your sugar and carb intake. This book will give you a lot of ideas to use but, it's up to you to change your eating habits. If your looking for short cuts you will not find them in a book or diet. It takes a life style change in what and how much you eat!!!

  • MikeL - Best gutter guards every

    Best gutter guards every. Tried pretty much everything else. This is the only one that works. I could make a living installing this stuff. Get the wider option as the narrow one won't always reach under the shingles.