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  • Ashersmama11 - Every American needs this book.

    I highly recommend this book for... EVERYONE. The author provides fantastic information from cause to method to recipes. If you eat the typical American diet, you need to read this book. It is easy to understand, so you cannot use that as an excuse.

  • Brian I. - Would not recommend.

    Battery died and would not take a charge after two days of use in an office setting. Would not recommend.

  • Tn Vol - Best car cover I ever bought!

    This cover is better than I expected, and much better than covers I owned in the past. It fit my car perfectly, not too long, not too short, not too baggy, it just fit right! The mirror pockets were placed exactly where they needed to be & were the correct size. The bottom has an elastic hem that gathers the bottom of the cover so it doesn't just hang down & flap around. It has front & rear straps placed perfectly to pull tight against the tires, instead of rubbing the lower panels like the expensive cover I used to have. The cotton-fleece inner liner is thick & soft to protect the paint. The cover even comes with a large duffel type bag to store the cover. It also comes with a self-adhesive antenna grommet made out the same material as the outer layer, if you decide to leave your antenna on, and poke a hole in the cover for it to stick through. With my other covers, they never fit right, and would blow off in the wind. This cover fits so well, now I don't have to crawl on my belly to fish a cable under the car to secure it to stop the cover from blowing off & away. By far best bang for the buck in car covers. Highly recommended.

  • Kathleen Souza - Helped me become a published author!

    This book is an invaluable resource. I used it to research publishers. Sent queries to many and actually had my manuscript accepted! I'm now a published author, and this book really did help me to accomplish this goal. Although it is released each year (buy the most -updated edition!), you still need to double-check submission guidelines online. It is full of extremely helpful information and includes a compressive list of publishers.

  • Thomas Borger - The de facto vegan cheese.

    How does this have two and a half stars? This is the workhorse of vegan cheeses, folks. It's not for wine and crackers and it's not for eating straight. It is for melting on top of things to satisfy your craving for stretchy, greasy deliciousness. It has its own flavor and that flavor is not precisely mozzarella, but it's tasty, it's salty, it's good on pizza, and it melts. It's the best there is until Perfect Day gets around to genetically engineering actual cowless cheese.

  • Amazon Customer - but it became more complicated and less user friendly and HR Block improved and with import feature and better pricing, I was pe

    I used to only buy Turbo tax, but it became more complicated and less user friendly and HR Block improved and with import feature and better pricing, I was persuaded. This combination software is noit available from any other source.