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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Toshiaki Takenaka - Can't go wrong

    I had the same brand on my 06 Accord, 05 TL and in my brother's 09 TL-SH; now on my 13 Accord and they fit nice, good quality and they are great in the winter (snow, water, mud)...

  • Terri Dawn - I love this book!

    I am a relearner of geometry, having been years since I have been in high school. A lot of new stuff is in this text than what I remember. I love the "Key Concepts" which identify the main idea I have to learn. The theorems and postulates are well written and thoroughly explained. There are several ways to review concepts. I do wish the answers to the "Guided Practice" problems, which help to learn from the examples, were in the back of the book. As a self-study learner, I find the text easy to understand and would recommend this edition.

  • Cindy D. Goodwater - best buy

    I love threelac, you can't know how much you need this till you take it daily. I no longer suffer from yeast infections. I have found the best product EVER!! I have tried them all and will no longer have to search for something to keep bad yeast in check.....

  • Southernbabe - Panda Ripoff

    I love the House of Fun slots, but NOT the Panda slots. I just got the bonus, and it retriggered up to 95 games, and it DID NOT PAY ONE COIN!!!! That really sucks. You need to fix this problem NOW. If I could delete it and keep the other slots, I would. I noticed you took down the Seven slots(my favorite), so what's up with that???? Take down the dang Panda or fix the problem

  • adamsagency - ATP AT-205 Re-Seal

    I first tried putting this product into the engine oil of my Camry with 287,000 miles which had started to leak over a year ago. Figuring I had nothing to lose. It has brought the leak down to a drop or two per week. I then put it into my transmission and noticed immediate results in the shifting. When I later took it to my Transmission Clinic for a filter and fluid change the tech commented on how clean the discs looked. Thanks for a great product!

  • Ms. B - I would recommend this bottle for those who are trying to lose ...

    I use this bottle everyday, and I carry it around with me because of the rubber grip on the side (very convenient). Also, the cap on the bottle locks to keep the fluids from spilling out. I would recommend this bottle for those who are trying to lose weight or into fitness.