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  • Botix - I have gradually brought my IBS under control

    classic C followed by D. Overnight/Time zone travel brought on D with incredible pain. Bloating, bass, D and C. By eliminating coffee and bran I reduced the symptoms somewhat. But taking (and I must admit I am afraid to stop either) Align in the morning and Jarrows IBS in the evening my digestive tract is close to normal. I have been taking both (one in the morning) the other in the evening because both have randomized clinical studies showing clinical statistical significance and all studies reaching their endpoint. IBS, from my research, covers a lot of ground- some research underlying function may be a result of lack of seratonin in the gut (most of the bodies seratonin resides not in the brain but in the gut) and spasmodic movement of the bowels caused by the nervous system- and irritation (not visible in my case during colonoscopy). Eliminating caffeine I think helped with the spasmodic issues, and why exactly Align and the Jarrows IBS seem to help (it might be one instead of both but I am unwilling to risk it) I don't know. But in my case it worked- taking about 4-5 weeks before I realized how much better I felt, including an overseas flight in after which I experienced none of the issues I usually have. So I echo someone else's review "try it- but give it 4-6 weeks.

  • Joshua G. - Best Currently Available, but Much Better Cables on the Horizon

    I have mixed feelings about these cables. Yes, they have unprecedented clarity and range, but they are silver, which is chock full of small hadrons. If, like me, you are an audiophile particle physicist, you'll know that small hadrons degrade the transmission of audio signals by decohering individual notes, particularly quarter tones that have been reflected off of acoustic surfaces. Additionally, the quality of silences is tranquil, but not peaceful; Philip Glass's note-free "4'33" fails to achieve the the subtlety of a live performance.

  • Jamu - If you want to shape or make you beard looking nice and you should try this product out

    It is so simple to use. If you want to shape or make you beard looking nice and you should try this product out. It comes with a nice box. Just so you people know, I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest opinion about it. Let me get to the point, it is as easy to use and you can clean it swiftly. The tool is sturdy and durable and can stay on your face without slipping. That is why this beard shaping tool is great.

  • Irene Morales Ward - Amazing....you'll never go back to traditional makeup!

    This system is so incredibly easy. You may be intimidated when you set it up but spend a little time in your makeup chair experimenting and before you know it, it will be second nature. I quickly learned little "tricks" to customize my makeup application for my skin and it was flawless - on my FIRST try! I'm not a makeup artist and have mature skin so I studied up on the online videos on Dinair's website and also went on YouTube to watch others apply. You need so very little makeup it almost seems inconceivable but it absolutely works. When I came down my husband kept using the word "smooth". He said it didn't look like I had makeup on at all but I had complete coverage. Lasted all day long, too! Be patient and experiment - it's perfect!

  • Slum - It smells like absolute dogs*** so don't stick your nose in the ...

    Been using for a couple weeks now. It smells like absolute dogs*** so don't stick your nose in the bottle, open it away from you. It's not amazing going down either but as long as you take it with some food it's fine.

  • Joey - The need to step it up

    Quickbooks for mac has always been really bad. Its better then it use to be but still not the same as it is for PC. They just need to spend more time on the development side of things. I didnt feel like learning a new system or paying a lot more for another system so I'll take what I can get!