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  • Lawrence Johnson - Cool, but be careful

    This knife has one tool too many. I started playing with it on the bus on my way to work, and I accidentally impregnated the woman sitting next to me. I never found the tool responsible, but when I do, you can be certain I will be demanding a full refund.

  • Buyer - You Will Hate It

    DO NOT BUY. I have been a Quicken customer since about 1990 starting with the DOS version. I had been very satisfied. My last version was Premium 2012 and it worked great. I was looking for the iPhone app, so I could keep up with budgeting. Unfortunately, I did not heed the advice of other 2014 reviews. Now I cannot revert to my previous version. When I first purchased 2014, my Quicken Login screen would scroll or flicker. Ok, I can handle that knowing that Intuit would release a patch and maybe it would get fixed; it continues to do this even at Rev 7. When they released Rev 5, my BOA (Bank of American) stopped updating my checking account only using Quicken's internal "Update" button; my savings and credit card accounts update. I can update going to BOA (Bank of America) and downloading the transactions. I have worked several hours to resolve with Quicken support specialists but no solution has been found. Now they are escalating to the next support level. However, I do not have much faith. I rarely write reviews, but I believe it's necessary to warn people that there are real problems with this product. Quicken should be ashamed to release this version and should offer everyone with 2014 a free upgrade to 2015. Otherwise, I am getting my refund (have 60 days), reinstall 2012, and somehow get my transactions updated. You have been warned. Good luck.

  • Mrs. Benton - Definitely works! But buy in bulk!

    Works great! But you definitely need to keep up with taking it. I bought the 60 capsules, and after I ran out, and was without for a few days, my supply dropped 2-3oz.

  • E123 - Good resource

    Overall this book was helpful. There are a fair number of errors (especially in the Chem section), however it is overall a great review of Biology and Chemistry. It is lacking in the reading comprehension and verbal ability areas as well as the essay portions, however if you couple it with the REA PCAT flashcard book, it's a winning combo! I highly recommend this product.