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  • jack dully - Righty-tighty,lefty-loosy

    The set is very nice,I gave it as a gift,with proper care it should last a long time and did not break the bank.I did not give it the 5 stars for this reason and I believe a very important one.Many of the reviewers mentioned that the handles loosen up over time and have to be tightened,especially on the bigger pots,this is true.Unfortunately the manufacturer does not use a phillips head bolts nor a slotted head bolt to attach the handles, but rather a tamper proof star fastening type bolt, in its place.You need that special bit to tighten the handles on the set that I bought.The company must know that the handles do loosen,so why not make it easy for the customer to do the tightening with a standard screwdriver,and get that pan back in action again,on the stove.I backed out one bolt on the Dutch oven pot that loosened and put some Locktite blue 242 on the bolt threads where they meet the metal of the pot,so maybe the handle will stay tight longer,I hope,time will tell and it's back in action and full speed ahead on great tasting meals !!!

  • Luis Carlos - It did not do any miracles for me.

    I used it in the bathroom and I was expecting it to destroy mold build up a la clorox style, but it needs to be wiped off. I don't know if the process of me wiping is what is helping to remove the mold or if this product helped a little. For all I know, water and wiping would've worked.

  • DAVERAT - Good value even with the S/h - A product my home cannot live without!

    We used to buy 3 of the 4 ounce size at a local gift shop for $19.95 each which comes to $59.85. I ordered this large bottle plus a 4 ounce bottle of the No. 2 scent (which I prefer) and it came to 40.42 - a savings of 19.43 which is almost like getting the 4 ounce bottle for free! That's a good value when you consider how important this stuff can become to the peaceful coexistence of man and woman!

  • Henry J III - This is really effective with very low odor.

    Soon after receiving this I used it as directed to fairly easily clean remaining mold from a shower floor and bench. I was more impressed when I used it on a bathroom wall low near the tub where I noticed about a 2 square foot area with slight gray from mold. Sprayed the area and let it sit for a time. Rubbed it lightly with a rag. Repeated and it looked fine and clean. This is a fairly new house with he original off white walls that only have a thin coat of original paint. It removed the mold with no paint damage.

  • rhailey - Great little chiller

    Great little chiller! 7 minutes and a room temperature bottle of wine is chilled nicely! It's a little messy to pour out the used water & ice when done, but not really that bad all things considered.