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  • meglit77 - work great

    It is very easy to snap in and out. Its just a bummer you need to buy everything seperately. Although you can't use the stroller with an infant seat without it. Unless you wait until they are old enough to sit up.

  • Yooper30 - Complete set

    Only used a few of them but they seem strong and up to the tasks I've used them on so far. Awesome set for the price the roll up bag doesn't really secure the bigger wrenches as the top can't fold over them. But I w I usd recommend this product to people.

  • The Dude - First one but plan on buying them every year now

    I really like this guide to casinos. It's the first time I have come across it for a trip that I took in May 2013. After seeing the valuable information in it I plan on buying a new copy every year now. In addition the the coupons that are in the book it's a great resource for learning about casinos not only in Las Vegas, which is a great deal of the book, but in every other state that has them. The stats that are in there complied in one place are VERY handy. It's a very well written book and you can tell it's put together by folks who have been doing it a while.

  • C. Schroeder - One of the best in the series!

    I absolutely loved this year's anthology of the "best of" short stories. I had all but given up on this series due to recent uprising of violent, shock-value, experimental and "magic realism" stories. It seemed there was just this trend to be weird and shocking just to get published/noticed. This year is a quieter bunch on some level and although many tend towards depressing or sad, gone is the extreme darkness and violence that plagued many short stories of the last couple of years. These are more about relationships, being different and the fears we have that we may never connect with other human beings. Jennifer Egan did a great job paring down to the final 20 and maybe it was criteria she used that I resonated with, but I thought her choices were interesting, exciting and brought a new spark to possibilities for the contemporary short story. I felt only two stories were mediocre, not memorable, but not horrible either ("The Breeze" by Joshua Ferris - not so much the subject matter and writing which were good, but the ridiculous choppy back/forth "what if" form, it was very done before and took a LOT away from just enjoying a story about a crumbling contemporary relationship; and "Next to Nothing" by Stephen O'Connor, simply because it was hard to believe. It was, however, a right chilling/spooky story). The remainders I would call 5-star. It was a pleasure to see some of the masters of the form, e.g., Charles Baxter, T.C Boyle, Joyce Carol Oates, but also wow, some of the newcomers were awesome ,e.g., Benjamin Nugent ("God"), Mollly McNett ("La Pulchra Nota") and Laura Van Den Berg ("Antarctica"). This book really brought back some great joy in not only reading fiction, but short stories. Highly recommended if you might like to try venturing into short stories, but especially if you already love them.