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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Leland - ~ PINK FLOYD'S 2016 (2 CD) REMASTER EDITION sounds flawless! ~

    This repressing of THE WALL is so well done!! I am amazed at just how good this 2 CD set sounds!! FANTASTIC!! This is a review for the 2016 edition. I love the liner notes, the photos inside, the whole package and nicely done audio CDs. Clear black lettering on the CDs with pictures are outstanding. I really didn't care for the scripted writing on a previous release of this album, so am glad to have this flawless edition!! Yes, it is perfect!

  • Susan Tenney - Will be buying this over and over !!!

    What can I say to convince you. I myself was a skeptic and looking for serious pain relief that my doctors and medication couldn't give me. I have chronic pain in almost every joint of my body and I have been put on 4 different pain killers just to keep me comfortable but they don't always work. I have been using this for about a week now and it's progressive. I apply the cream to where it hurts and before you know it, the pain goes away...the pain will come back but not as bad, you just simply apply more cream and its gone and you can live your life again. I have severe arthritis in my left shoulder that hurt when I sneezed...I applied this and a week later I'm lifting heavy things again that I couldn't before...the only thing I can't do is lift my arm above my shoulder before it hurts but I'm sure I will be over time.

  • Sammie - I was suffering terribly from hives and this was the only thing that ...

    I was suffering terribly from hives and this was the only thing that treated it. I took both the te and the tablets and it worked like magic. Great product to have in your home.

  • Veltaine - Four Stars

    The song selection gets worse every year, staying away from the next iteration until well after launch this time.

  • Amazon Customer - Convenient for Kindle reading

    Have been subscribing to The New Yorker for years because I like its investigative articles, profiles and cartoons. When I am on a trip, the free reading of issues available to me on my Kindle (part of the subscription) is convenient.

  • Melanie M. Ziemba - Perfect for Advent

    Bought for my son, an excited LEGO lover. He enjoyed opening up his daily surprise and building it up. Not sure if I'll buy it again since I'm not sure I liked how this took away from the true meaning of the season.

  • Xexile - Key board issue, the rest is perfect.

    I am favor to Adriod (Google) phones. I have switch between IPhone and Samsung. At this stage, I really like the design and high end capacity of 7 plus.