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  • emtangel73 - These products are GREAT!!

    The people who wrote really negative things about the 24 day challenge clearly did not follow instructions. I'm still on it, and I've lost 8 pounds so far, and I HAVE cheated! I had a carb night, and I drink coffee EVERY MORNING!

  • Bug Girl - Too expensive

    I want a home version of office 2013 and I want to pay a reasonable price for that. I downloaded office 2013, but it forces you to buy the sky drive. The sky drive is 9.99 per month, but I already have a back up service I like with 10 times more space for the same price. If you don't a back up service, you may like Sky Drive. I just want the program without sky drive at the same reasonable price. I am using windows 8, I will not buy office 2010, it is already out dated. I was able to use the trail version of office 2013, and add tags to my documents, but when you convert your documents from docx files to the new file format of office 13, (which I can even figure out the name of that extension, you can't open them in computers that don't have office 2013.)

  • Estina - Great Wisks and Perfect Variation of Sizes

    These arrived very quickly and are nice whisks. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice these are. They're not very heavy though but the brush nickel finish is lovely. The three sizes are a perfect variation for things from beating an egg to making a cake. The loops on the end of the handles are a good size for hanging them if you wanted to. The wire part has little give and does not bend easily which I prefer when mixing. The packaging says they're dishwasher safe as long as you remove them and dry as soon as the wash is over but I'm not going to chance it because I want to keep these as long as possible. I'm very happy with this purchase and would buy these again.

  • saoirse76 - I wanted to love it...

    I wanted to love this and had so many high hopes. Unfortunately it just lacks power and ability that a manual foot file has. The commercial on tv, if you've seen it, makes this look like callused skin is flying off. So totally not the case. It's a complete waste of money. Save yours and stick to a manual file or pedicure.

  • Graduate Guide - Graduate Guide

    this is the best guide to getting into graduate schools. it tells you everything you need to know about the schools are you applying to, including whether or not you need to interview to get in. i would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in getting into a psychology graduate school. definitely worth the money!