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  • Thu Doan - Waste of money :(

    5/3/16 I got this for a new 57lb German Shepherd Rottweiler mix dog I just got. It took me close to an hour to try and put this together myself. I couldn't do it and had to ask for help. It took us another 30 minutes to put it together because the pieces kept falling out (roof). The house is very flimsy. The tabs to lock things in place are weak and are VERY easy to break when assembling the unit. I almost broke it just from following instructions. The roof doesn't lock onto the walls that well. The unit is very light weight. I had weighed it down somewhat and wedged it in a corner by the bush and tree for my dog. However, two nights ago a gust of wind had thrown the whole house to the opposite end of the yard and lifted the roof. Now half of the roof is missing so the whole unit is unusable. That's really sad since it's only been 2.5 weeks! When I assembled it with the two flaps, my dog refused to use it at all. After I removed them, he used it rarely. Most of the time he used to take his pillow out of the house and sleep outside, even in the rain. I think he doesn't like the smell of the house. I would not recommend this dog house. I got it because I didn't have time to build a dog house but now it looks like I'm better off doing building one.

  • Pain-free - Great for back Pain

    This is a great product--I love this stuff! I have been taking it for 6 months. I have very bad back pain. What I have found is that it takes the edge off my back pain, but it also has been helping with my sinuses--I wasn't expecting that--extra added bonus :) It works so well for my sinus problems that I have stopped taking my sinus medication. I already have recommended this product to friends and co-workers.

  • ladyhonda - Love the results.

    Have been using this product for about 6 months. I have noticed my hair seems to grow quicker, my finger and toe nails are stronger. I recommend this product to all my girlfriends.

  • W. Fahey - Easy installation

    This arrived in the time specified and it was a simple installation. So far, so good with the product itself. It is just what I wanted at half the price Mazda charges.

  • Kiai - Fit the bill for travel

    I have 2 sets of expensive ratcheting box wrenches in my rollaway tool cabinets I love them but sometimes you just need old standards & metrics for whatever reason price was perfect, construction and feel are pretty much right on, I like them just as much as my other wrenches...