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  • James - Yes, yes yes.

    Yes, yes yes. This is a nice addition to sports watching. Especially the 60 60 programs. Good way to catch up on the programs not broadcast in my area, and, of course, current ones I like to follow.

  • Lisa Young - Quality ingredients with real essential oils

    So far I'm loving this stuff. It has almost no odor (I think Neem stinks) so that was a big plus. I used it on a Standard Poodle in the salon yesterday who always has sore feet from contact dermatitis. I watched them go from red to pink in the tub. I can't wait to try it on other dogs with hot spots and fungus feet. I love the ingredients which include real essential oils, not extracts or essences. Having said that, I'd do a patch test on sensitive dogs. If you see the skin getting redder or hives starting, immediately rinse with cool water. Definitely worth a try on many dermatological issues!