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  • rachel houk - Easy to snap on and off

    Easy to snap on and off! I don't suggest leaving it on and folding the stroller down for long periods of time, it may bend the bars or damage the stroller, plus it doesn't fold down as flat. Other than that it's nice!

  • David S. - Never buy anything from Element

    After less than 4 months with my Element TV, it started shutting off at random times on its own. I have been in contact with their customer support for now over 6 months and they still haven't remedied the problem. Every time I call their customer support, I end up having to wait several hours before actually reaching anyone. Some days I never even get a response. They sent a replacement part to me and have a technician come out to replace the part. After installing the part, the TV started smoking and was completely fried. To replace it, they want me to send it to them out of my own wallet (looking at almost $100 in shipping). I finally convinced a customer representative to send me a shipping label, as I should not be responsible for shipping costs, and he said it would be emailed to me that day. A week later - still waiting for it...

  • B. Conover - great tool if you don't finish the bottle

    I saw a vintner at my farmers market with these and asked him. I purchased this and have been surprised and pleased. I rarely finish a whole bottle: sometimes drink it one glass at a time over more than a week. The flavor deteriorates, and after a few days it's "cooking wine" not "drinking wine" even if it started out quite lovely. This vacuums out the air and really does preserve the flavor! probably not forever, but I've gone back a week later and it tasted like a newly popped bottle.

  • Amazon Customer - I have definitely enjoyed this product

    I have definitely enjoyed this product. I think I have a fairly strong tolerance towards caffeine and other natural stimulants because this did not make me feel wired at all but I did feel a boost of energy and alertness. Because of its stimulating properties, I did feel an increase of hunger (although a decrease in appetite if that makes any sense.) I am currently on my second week and although I do feel like it assisted me in my weight loss the first few days, the next few days were full of eating. I think that in conjunction with proper diet and exercise this is a helpful supplement.

  • ChaosMom - Medicine cabinet must have for cold sore sufferers!

    I occasionally suffer from severe cold sore breakouts. Abreva and high doses of Lysine supplements clear up those breakouts, which had once lasted months sometimes, within a day or two. I don't know how I managed to live without this stuff before it became available!

  • bridgett - Bought on a whim

    I love this product! I first bought it on a whim when I saw it on the clearance shelf at Wal-mart for $5. I had never heard of Tio Nacho before and was curious. I was attracted to the fact that the label said it was a strengthening shampoo and contained all these beneficial ingredients but also because my hair had been falling out in droves and figured 'what's one more product in my shampoo closet gonna hurt?' and the price was right! The honey smell is strong and doesn't last long but the positive effects do. I don't know if is the true cause of my hair falling out any less, but I sure feel better about the way it looks and feels. I also don't feel the need to use as much as other shampoos, which helps it last much longer. I'm sold on the shampoo so now I'm going to try the anti-aging conditioner and pray for similiar - if not better - results.

  • Carole Ann - Not what I needed

    I'm sending it back because I evidently misunderstood exactly WHAT the product was capable of. I need a program that converts VHS tapes to DVD's. It seemed to imply that. I must read more carefully. Mea culpa.